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Educate Children About Home Safety

Educate Children About Home Safety

Teaching children about dangers around the home is vitally important. Keeping them safe and looking after them is the most fundamental task a parent has. Children in America, are at risk of injury and accidents with more than 3.4 million children experiencing an avoidable household injury every year. Where should you start when danger proofing your home? How can you make sure that children are aware of the dangers in the home, especially the kitchen and entertainment areas?

Educate Children About Home Safety

Keeping the kitchen safe

You must supervise cooking at all times. Children love cooking, they love being shown how to cook and they love tasting their own cooking. However, leaving any cooking unattended leads to danger in the kitchen with 45% of all fire related injuries happening as a result. Therefore, it is important that children know that the first step to kitchen safety is supervision. Some equipment like pressure cookers need to be safety checked and operated by adults. Other equipment like blenders and mixers need guidance and supervision. Educating children to understand which equipment is safe to use and what the procedure for using the equipment is, can be done as you cook together. Equipping your family with the key facts of kitchen safety saves lives.

Always supervise near water

The other danger around the home that children need to be educated about is the pool and outside entertainment area that might contain a hot tub. Millions of Americans enjoy swimming in their pools in their backyards. Safety around this area depends 100% on supervision and children should know that if an adult is not watching them then they do not go near water. Ensuring that everyone in your home is able to swim and float and practicing these activities occasionally with jeans or pajamas is a recommended safety precaution.

Helpful tips

As a parent you cannot be everywhere at once. However, there are key parts of the home that require extra attention when you talk to your children about safety. No parent wants to scare their child into being phobic of the home, instead, try using games and exciting activities to educate your children. Playing a game of ‘Simon says’ to locate the fire blankets or fire extinguishers around the kitchen will build a lasting impression in young minds while helping children understand where the equipment is- you could further explain why it is there and what the plan is if it doesn’t work. Rover, the ‘Home Safety Hound’ has an activity booklet which is fun and interactive for children to complete and share with you.

Children are your most prized possessions and need supervision to stay safe. Educating children on the dangers in the home does not have to be dull but is essential.

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  1. These are great tips! We started teaching our son how to swim at 9 months old, but we still never took our eye off him when we were near the water.

  2. I believe I have taught my 5-year old enough about water safety. I am concerned about his safety in the kitchen, especially since he has an eye for shiny objects (knives and scissors).

  3. it’s so true about certain areas of the house. my main focus is the kitchen and stairs. gas stove and steep stairs with little ones makes for a fun time. these are great tips

  4. These are excellent tips. I have a very curious son so I never leave him unattended. When he is old enough to understand knowing these tips will be very handy.

  5. These are really helpful tips. When we started our family, we made sure we installed child proofing items around the house. When they were old enough, we started discussing about other stuff that they are not allowed to hold or use without supervision.

  6. Awesome tips and great idea. it’s always a good idea to educate children about home safety and theres nothing wrong with re-visiting it at a later date too for a refresher. Keeping kids safe in the house is #1.

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