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Tips to Improve your Photography using Backdrops

Tips to Improve your Photography using Backdrops

While one would think that the subject of your photograph is what makes the photo, there’s actually a bit more to the process of improving your photography. Today I wanted to share a few tips to improve your photography using backdrops. Even an amateur photographer needs to understand what they are able to do so that their photographs go viral, get sold or get noticed. No matter what you’re using your photography skills for, here is how you can improve upon those skills:

4 Tips to Improve your Photography

4 Tips to Improve your Photography

Have good Lighting

The obvious first step for any photographer is to make sure that there is good lighting where you’re taking the photograph. There are many tricks you can use to set up the perfect studio lighting without actually having a photography studio. Purchase some natural lighting lamps, and practice to find out which lamp and direction to have it face when taking the photo.

Focus on the Subject

Be sure that your primary lens focus is on the subject of your photograph instead of the background. Using a supporting tool and focus, you can easily make sure that your subject doesn’t get lost in a busy background. Using photography backdrops can really help push the focus back onto your subject as well, which is why there are many backdrop options to choose from for all types of photos.

Pay Attention to Surroundings

This is a particularly important tip for anyone taking a photograph outside. There can be many things in the background of your photograph backdrop location that you don’t even notice until it’s too late. Have a look around and make sure there aren’t any electrical wires, branches or shadows that will take away from the quality of your photo.

Be Proportionate

This is where having a great sense of balance comes in handy. Be sure that your subject matter is balanced and proportionate within the photograph. If you have any props or you’re outside taking a photo of something, be sure they’re centered between props and other objects. This will obviously make it so that the person looking at the photo sees what the subject is meant to be and make the photo look more appealing and balanced.

Taking photographs is really fun and what makes it more fun, at least for me, is the ability to have custom photograph backgrounds so that I am able to tweak the photos to look how I want them to look. I am certainly am an amateur photographer but I do love viewing the professional photos everyone shares online.

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  1. These are great tips. I like playing with the lighting and backdrop when taking photos. I really have tons of fun taking photographs.

  2. backdrops are a saving grace. I have used one for all my blog photos. I do believe it’s time perhaps for a bigger one

  3. Lighting is so important!!!! My photography rocks when I can shoot outside in sunlight. It looks so professional. I struggle big time inside with artificial lighting. My photos always look so “dirty” and dark :-/

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