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Ideas to Break from the Daily Grind

Ideas to Break from the Daily Grind

We live in a world that is so fast-paced that people think we need to work 24/7 because most of us have a smartphone attached to us. Through social media, all the activities we take on, and our daily workload it can be exhausting. I will share ideas to break from the daily grind to help rejuvenate our minds and bodies. We are human and well all need time, or we will get so burned out we can’t think straight.

I think a lot of times we can get burned out from our daily grind. Whether it is work or even staying at home taking care of the kids. We just need to take time for ourselves, slow down and find the positives in the day. For those who stay at home with kids, you don’t miss milestones, you decide how to discipline and raise them. For someone who works outside the home, your job helps cover your bills, you can learn new skills to benefit you for even future jobs, and that is great. We all have many reasons to be thankful even if they are small areas, they still count. Learn to overcome that burnout from your daily grind from the tips below.

Ideas to Break from the Daily Grind

Slow Down

Take time for you each day. Even if it is 15-30 minutes, just make time for yourself. If your schedule is so jam-packed that you think you don’t have time to slow down, then that is a probably. Take the time to look at your schedule, cut out added stresses that aren’t making you happy. Make time to take a stroll in the park, or to read each night, or even spend time with friends. It will help if you can slow down and focus on you.

Learn to Say No

This goes along with the first one but learning to say no to things that won’t make you happy. If work asks you to pick up extra shifts, say no if you feel you can’t. This goes for any area not just work. When you bring on such a big workload, it can burn you out. Only say yes to things you want to do, and that makes you happy.


If you can take a vacation from work. Even if it is a stay-cation just breaking away from the daily grind can calm your mind and help you to do a better job when you go back to work. If you have vacation days building up, use some, and get that break you are probably needing.


Sit down and write down 2-3 short term goals and 2-3 long-term goals to work towards. This can be for any areas of your life. It can help you to get focused, centered, and have goals to work towards to help keep your mind busy. I like to mix it up with some work-related goals and then just life goals. If you can’t stand your job now, create a goal to find something better to help give you something new to do.

Positive Outlook

Make sure you sit down and write down 5-10 things each day you are thankful or blessed about. They can be big items or even simple and small things like getting off work on time, a friend complimented your outfit, etc. When you look at your day and see the positive moments that came from it, it can help you to walk around in an optimistic state. When we get down and out, it can make our daily grind a struggle, but with a positive attitude, we see the blessings all around us.

Move On

If you feel you have outgrown your job or position see about moving up in the company or even walking away. Or maybe your kids are grown and you want to go back to work instead of staying at home. No matter what the circumstances are, you can move on from where you are. Just remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. But if you feel like there is no way to enjoy your current work, then walk away.

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Brandy Ellen is a born and raised NH resident who enjoys living life to the fullest. Raising 3 kids and a pug, Brandy spends her free time writing for her two blogs – ParentInfluence and Brandy EllenWrites. Brandy is also a ghostwriter for other blogs, click here to hire Brandy to write for you.

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  1. I used to be so bad at saying no, but then I realized that I wasn’t happy when I spread myself way too thin, thus I learned to say no more and the people who didn’t accept it, yeah, well, they were no longer considered friends. Friends accept you for who you are, regardless!

  2. I love these. Sometimes, I’ll just take a trip to my bathroom and soak in the tub for an hour. LOL It’s the little things.

  3. I like the idea of writing down our blessings and things to feel positive about. It’s easy to let little things bring us down. But I agree we are an overworked generation and we need to learn to have some fun.

  4. It’s good to take a break from the monotony of everyday work and life. These are great tips especially for those times I’m totally exhausted and burnt out from work!

  5. These are great! I really need to learn to say no. I always feel bad saying no and then I end up stressing myself out more.

    1. I always feel so selfish saying no. I am learning to be okay with saying no and it’s opened my eyes that when I say no, I am the only one thinking I am being selfish. The person I said no to, completely understands – every time!

  6. I am not good at saying NO. I am used to agreeing to everything and saying Yes to anything. I really need to change, I know that.

    1. The same here. I always just want to give and give. I hate to make people sad or disappoint them but then I woke up after a bad relationship recently and realized I have to say no. I have to say no to be the best version of myself. I had to let go of thinking that by saying no I was being selfish. I wasn’t and I am not selfish, I am just done trying to be everything for everyone else. It is an amazing feeling and my family has been on board with it, they’ve been shockingly supportive when I say no.

  7. It is so important that we take time to break free once in a while. This is fantastic advice!

    1. This seems to be the most popular comment. I agree it is so hard to say no. I always feel selfish when I say no, like how dare I take time for me by saying NO. Yet, I started saying no more and not one person has backlashed me for it, yet 😉

  8. I recently got a new laptop so now my husband and I can work on a road trip. It has really made the days feel a lot better knowing we can just up and go somewhere else to work.

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