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Bleach, America Inside Out and Stress?

Bleach, America Inside Out and Stress?

Welcome to another episode of flashback Friday where I share a few tidbits from my week. This week welcomed a whole boatload of fun. I had a kid bleach his hair, I ended up sucked into a show on National Geographic Channel til well past 1am and I think I have some stress going on. I’m not sure about the stress, maybe you can let me know after reading this. Without further adieu, here is my flashback Friday post where I focus on a few moments of the week.  If you missed last week’s flashback, go on over and read it after {will open in new tab}.

Bleach, America Inside Out and Stress?

Bleach, America Inside Out and Stress?
Don’t forget to treat yourself.

It’s Bleach, Duh

The joy of being the youngest child. In all reality, I am a firstborn and will never comprehend the true blessing and spoiled nature that happens with the youngest child, I am witnessing how this birth order stuff works as I raise three kids. The youngest kid is 9 and while his sibling who is almost 16 couldn’t dye her hair until maybe preteen age? This little boy was able to bleach his hair, yup, totally spoiled. The only child out of my three who has my long, black curly hair like me – is now blond. He loves it. It’s his hair. I am okay with that. We were on our way to purple hair with this Arctic Fox brand dye, but he is currently in love with his bleach blond hair. I’ll get used to seeing his blond curls soon, perhaps.

When kids at school said he dyed his hair, his reply was “It’s bleach. Duh.”

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America Inside Out

I don’t normally watch the cable television that I pay for every month but when I do? I prefer something educational. Lately, I have been keeping the National Geographic Channel on so whenever I switch from HDMI to TV source, I can at least can see something educational. Anyways, America Inside Out with Katie Couric was on. The first re-run that was showing intrigued me because it was all about how our brains react to technology, mainly our smartphones. I enjoy psychology, okay I am obsessed with it so I started watching this episode. After this episode, they started talking about human beings who are microchipped, and they live in Wisconsin! Say what? I had no idea human’s in the states were being microchipped. I’m pretty confident I am not on board with this idea.

What say you; do you think human beings should be microchipped?

Is it Stress?

I have a few fun health conditions, and they aren’t new. I blame my sons for my high blood pressure because it arrived after they were born. HaHa! I also have high cholesterol which *knock on wood* is going down at each annual visit, without medication. In addition to these two conditions that worry me about my brain and my heart capabilities, I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It’s so much fun to spend a day with me sometimes! And, nope, I am not on any meds for this stuff. Okay, back to my point, I been having major cramps in my chest. When this happens I feel like maybe it’s my heart, but I tell the kids to stay still, stay quiet and I deep breathe for a minute, then the cramps stop. I am going to go out on a limb and say that I am just experiencing stress. Stress is new to me, I have never in my entire life felt “stressed”. I hope that it stops overwhelming me soon.

If my chest cramps, but deep breathing stops it, is that just a panic attack or stress symptom?

I mean, it couldn’t be the caffeine, right?


So my week was full of interesting moments, as usual. At the same time, my life really isn’t that adventurous or glamorous, I am just a work at home mom trying to keep my happy on. I do get pretty anxious about the whole chest cramping up thing, but I know it passes and so I live with it. Times are getting easier. I am happier and my writing mind has come back to me for the most part. I will be spending my weekend working a lot, rent needs to be handed over no later than Sunday. Sometimes I don’t like this adult job, can someone adult for me for a week? I will love you forever if you do. Just sayin’

So, how was your week? I would love to hear what you did this week!

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    1. I am excited about Summer. I have one child who attends an online Charter school, she’s here all of the time doing that but I don’t have to actually come up with a curriculum so that’s a little easier.

  1. I had a really stressful week last week. Unplanned trips, illness in the family, babysitting a grandchild. I am hoping this coming week would be easier. That show America Inside Out sounds interesting. I will have to look for that and watch it this weekend.

    1. There are surely some “fun” color options out there these days. I stick with my regular hair, guess I can call the grey hairs my “hair dye” lol

  2. I had a rough week – too many deadlines and by Saturday, I could not move my neck! This happens every so often and unfortunately take a few weeks to heal. 🙁

    1. Oh no. That doesn’t sound fun at all. I do understand the neck problem, I am starting to have that issue and I can’t move very well at all 🙁

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