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Let’s Talk About Automated Programs for Blog Post Shares

Let’s Talk About Automated Programs for Blog Post Shares

This post has affiliate links included for some of the programs I referenced. 

Many bloggers use automated programs or services for blog post shares. I personally love the idea that when that blog post goes live on site, that it will automatically push to my Google+, Twitter, Facebook Page and occasionally Pinterest. This one small investment for my blogging business makes me have a little more time in other areas. I love having just that teeny bit of extra time in my day but I can only rest easy when I use a program or service that I can count on. I have tested a few different ones and here are the results of testing each of these for a minimum of 60 days before making my decision on which ones were worth my business investment.

4 Automated Programs for Blog Post Shares

4 Automated Share Programs for Blog Posts


I really love that CoSchedule has a WordPress plugin. This made it easy to prepare content and place it in an editorial calendar all in the same place where I write my content. While the ease of use and ability to create a template and shares from my blog dashboard made this a really great program, I wasn’t getting the views I had hoped for. CoSchedule will automatically determine the best time to share, but I found my clicks didn’t increase. This means my views pretty much stayed the same and the whole point of me automating my blog post shares was to gain more traffic. I know many bloggers who use CoSchedule and love it, it just wasn’t for me. I tried this for approximately 90 days my second time around using the program, and I still noticed that I wasn’t getting a traffic increase which made it not worth the $39 a month I was paying.


I currently use MissingLettr for new and old blog posts. I personally love this program for automating my blog posts to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. I was disappointed that you couldn’t share to Pinterest, but I suppose that’s what Tailwind is good for. I love that you can create a drip campaign easily with MissingLettr and have it post out up to one year on your social accounts. While this doesn’t have an option to select “best time” or tell it when to post during the day, it seems to know what it’s doing. I have increased traffic to old and new blog posts using this program. I pay $15 monthly for this program and it’s well worth it. With the $15 I can schedule 4 campaigns, this means 4 blog posts, per week. I have many running at the moment, so the 4 campaigns per week is just a limit for new campaigns scheduled. The only downside to this program is that I can’t pull an old blog post link and put it into the program to create a campaign, it needs a feed URL and I can’t seem to figure that part out. I’m sure in time that will be easy enough, just need to make time to research how to add a new blog post link directly into MissingLettr.

This program to automate blog post shares has been giving me some flack with Facebook. While MissingLettr seems to hold the authentication, isn’t holding that connection. I have had to reset it multiple times in the past couple of weeks. I don’t think this is due to though, I’ve been having issues with Facebook for months now. With all of that being said, I love that I can easily have my RSS feed auto-post to social media and create custom content to share. There’s another feature of this program for automating blog post shares that I adore; find content to push out on social media. There’s a feature where you can look for other website content and push it out immediately or schedule it to go out on your social media profiles. This is well worth the $10 a month I pay for and I will be keeping it.

JetPack Plugin

This was my original program to use for automation to all social media profiles. I love that you can push content to LinkedIn using the JetPack plugin. I also love the ease of use with selecting what social media platforms, if you want to have social share buttons on your blog posts and the stats are easy to read. The reason I stopped using this free version plugin was simple, it bogged down my WordPress blog. I feel that JetPack plugin uses too many resources and as a long time blogger, I am always trying to do things to boost the speed of my site. {I know it’s still a wee bit slow on load time} With that being said, it’s a good automated program to start with for blog post sharing and my teenager is trying it to push her content from her blog out to the social media world.

Best Automated Programs for Blog Post Shares?

I honestly think all four of the programs I referenced above are a good option to try out. Each have their own pros and cons, but I know you’ll figure out what works best for your blogging needs. If you try or have tried any of these options, I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. It’s great to receive valuable feedback so others visiting this blog post will see your thoughts in the comments below. I am just one blogger sharing my own experiences and opinions on these 4 automated programs for blog post shares.

Have you tried any of these programs?

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  1. I am so old school – I do every thing manually. I can’t bring myself to pay for an app to do shares for me when I am sitting at home on my computer everyday 🙂

    1. I would so be old school still. I miss being able to just focus on blogging, but since I assist so many others and still want to get this making money like my other blog was before I sold it, I have to make use of investing some cash. Le sigh.

    1. I am so glad that you mentioned Hootsuite! I have my account with them and they were my first ever program to use, I may have to go back to using them again to save even more money!

  2. I used to have my posts auto share but I stopped just because I like being able to add a little something to it!

  3. I could sure use any one of these! I haven’t heard of them before and what a great investment in my time. These would free up enough of it for mornthan the ten minutes of me time I do get

  4. Finding the right tools can save so much time. I need to reevaluate what I’m using. I don’t mind paying a monthly fee as long as it’s providing results.

  5. This is such great information for bloggers. I don’t even use any of these but have to start checkin these out!

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