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5 Healthy Beverages to Enjoy This Summer

5 Healthy Beverages to Enjoy This Summer

Summer’s here, and with it comes the usual heat that can easily make our mouths dry and our throats parched! But before you reach for that soda to quench your thirst, why not change things for the better and pick something healthier to drink instead? Not only will this be kinder to your waistline, but most likely your wallet as well. So with that in mind, here are some healthy beverages to enjoy this summer.

5 Healthy Beverages to Enjoy This Summer

5 Healthy Beverages to Enjoy This Summer

Grain- and nut-based milk

If you’re craving for something that’s cold, creamy, and delicious, but you’re either trying to watch your weight or are lactose intolerant, then skip the milkshake and go for alternatives like milked nuts and grains instead. Yes, we’re talking about lactose-free, plant-based milk products that you might have heard about but have yet to get a taste of—beverages such as almond milk, hazelnut milk, oat milk, and cashew milk. Not only can refrigerated plant milk to help you beat the heat as much as other creamy beverages, but they’re definitely much healthier and easier on your waistline. Just remember to look up serving sizes and drink accordingly!

Fruit smoothies

Fruits are some of the healthiest food items you could ever eat, so tossing your favorite ones into a blender with some milk and ice can give you a wholesome beverage that is guaranteed to cool you down no matter how hot it gets. Best of all, you can mix and match almost any fruit you want! From strawberries and bananas to and apricots and oranges, as long as it can be pulped and can fit a blender, it can be made into a smoothie. Just remember to minimize the amount of milk and sugar you use in making your smoothie, as too much of these ingredients can negate the health benefits of the drink. Here’s a tip: if you want your smoothie to have a bit more sweetness and creaminess to it, skip the syrup and milk and add a banana instead.

Vegetable smoothies

Vegetable smoothies are like the fruit smoothies above, except with fewer fruits and more greens! Your smoothies may look odd and even taste strange, but trust us, that’s only for the first couple of times – you’ll get used to the taste and be able to appreciate the subtle play of flavors after a while. Not only does blending your vegetables allow you to get your recommended daily amount of greens per day much more easily than actually having to cook and eat them, but you’ll also be able to absorb the nutrients much better. Beat the heat and get an intense burst of wholesome goodness with this beverage, and you won’t have to worry about feeling under the weather for a long time!

Home-made ginger ale

Many of today’s carbonated drinks are some of the unhealthiest beverages you can have, but sometimes we just can’t resist that soda pop craving that most of us have gotten used to growing up. In this instance, going homemade is the healthier option, with the beverage of choice being ginger ale. Not only can this particular drink give you that refreshing burn and fizz that soda hits the back of your throat with, but as it’s made with ginger, it’s got the health benefits of the root going for it as well.


If you don’t have a blender and all life gives you are some lemons, then make some lemonade! Chop a few of them in half, and squeeze them dry of their refreshingly tangy juice. Afterward, mix it in ice-cold water with a bit of sugar or honey to taste, and you’ve got a classic summer quencher that’s as healthy as it can be. For an even healthier version, forgo the sugar entirely and dump the juiced lemons – pulpy rinds and all—into the water and serve it cold. This way, it’ll just be like water, but with an added zest to it.

There you have it, five delicious—but more importantly, healthy—ways to drink the summer heat away. Whatever you pick, always remember to use as little sugar or syrup as possible. Don’t neglect your water intake, too, since dehydration is a real thing, especially during the summer season. Always have a glass of water ready to drink even when you think you’re not that thirsty.

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