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Common Red Flags to Run From When Dating

Common Red Flags to Run From When Dating

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When we are in relationships, it is essential to look at any red flags that might present themselves along the way. If you find that you have one or more of these red flags listed below, you might consider evaluating your relationship. Red flags are signs that there are issues in the relationship,  some that can be toxic or lead to a dangerous breakup. If you ignore the red flags, it could lead to more significant problems later on, and the longer your relationship continues, the harder it can be to walk away.

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Common Red Flags to Run From When Dating

Common Red Flags to Run From When Dating

Unpredictable or Dishonest

If you never feel like you can trust your significant other or that they are unpredictable that is a huge red flag. If they lie to you about small things, it can lead you to question the bigger things in the relationship. Or if your significant other says they will be around and then doesn’t show that is a red flag as well.


This is a huge red flag that you genuinely need to look out for. If your partner is trying to control you or drive a wedge between family or friends be aware. Their controlling nature can escalate more as the relationship goes on and before you know it you could be in deep. Don’t allow someone to limit you or to control your life in any way.


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When your partner is secretive whether it be about their past or what they are doing now, that isn’t good. Don’t ignore this type of behavior. If it makes you uneasy, there is a reason to evaluate. There is no reason to be secretive to a significant other unless it is like work related and they just can discuss matters.

Family Or Friends Don’t Like Partner

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, we can be blind to things that other people are saying. If you have family and friends who are voicing red flags they see, don’t disregard what they are saying. Just because a friend doesn’t like them doesn’t mean you have to break up, but you need to hear them out. Sometimes they might see something you don’t believe in the relationship.

Abusive Mentally Or Physically

This is a big one if your partner breaks you down mentally or touches you physically, this is not good. If they hit you once they will hit you again and again. If they break you down and make you feel less than, it will continue to happen. When you truly love someone you don’t hurt them in either of these manners.

Major Fights

If you constantly are having explosive style fights with your partner that isn’t healthy. While we all fight in a relationship, there is a proper way to do it. Screaming, yelling, breaking each other down is toxic. If you are not working through fights in a healthy way and learning and growing that could be an issue.

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Other Red Flags to Consider

  • Partner won’t tell people he is with you, keeps it quiet.
  • Talks about their ex often.
  • You can’t talk about deep issues; it is just surface level conversations.
  • Seems not to consider or care about your feelings.
  • Won’t talk about emotions.
  • Doesn’t take accountability for their actions.
  • Being disrespectful to strangers or family members.
  • Making fun of you around others constantly.
  • Not being supportive of your work or accomplishments.
  • Doesn’t listen or offer advice when you are struggling.
  • Sharing your issues with others without your consent.
  • Having to be right all the time.
  • Gets angry if you do something without them.

More Food for Thought on Relationship Red Flags

This post is shared as a means to educate others to put their needs first. When it comes to a relationship that’s valuable and able to stand the test of time, it’s important you watch out for red flags during that honeymoon phase. Learn to listen to your gut to know what feels right for you and what doesn’t. Some of the red flags shared today may not be “red flags” for you, and that’s okay. We are all different in what works and doesn’t work for us in a relationship. At the end of the day, you have to be secure and happy with your decision to remain committed to the person you’ve selected to have that long-lasting bond with.


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There are many issues that arise during a long-term relationship and those issues are completely normal, so as long as they do not slide into the area of domestic violence or abuse. No one should stand for being abused, ever. Once you’ve experienced any form of domestic violence or the feeling like you’ve been trained to be someone you’re not; you’ll completely see why some of these red flags should be taken seriously in that honeymoon phase. Learn to trust and have confidence in your gut feeling, it’s there to protect you from something that may harm you.

What are some red flags that you watch for or used to watch for when dating?

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  1. Oh, explosive fights would be a big red flag for me. I don’t like that at shows there is no self-control or respect for the other person if a fight gets explosive.

  2. This is actually such a great post. For some in abusive relationships they don’t realise that constant arguing etc is out of the norm. I also think it is important for your partner to get on with family and friends.

  3. Yeap! Been there done that! He was so controlling I didn’t even dare to go anywhere without asking him first. So glad that’s over!

  4. I also watch for the way someone I’m dating treats wait staff or my friends. If they are rude or disrespectful, it’s a red flag to me that they are not a good person. I also pay attention when they only want to text or call at weird hours.

  5. This is really helpful advice. My two sons are currently dating and I will share this post with them. I don’t want them to get hurt. These dating red flags will make them realize if the girl they are dating is worth their time and effort.

  6. A very useful post making points that we overlook as we are so busy wanting the relationship to work.Trust and respect are very important in any relationship.

  7. Some of those are really hard to see right away. They take time to figure out unfortunately. I wish there were some detector that could just tell you those things. Would make life so much easier.

  8. Someone who is super secretive when you are trying to get to know them is a super red flag. If they are like that now, imagine later.

  9. This is a great post. Many of us ignore these red flags while dating but they would only get worse.

  10. Such a great post and these are good reminders for everyone. Finding someone to be with or being in a relationship is not an easy thing. Both sides need to work hard on it for you to have a better and beautiful relationship.

  11. Very informative. Many people will surely find this very helpful. Those who are in a shaky relationship can certainly find this very informative.

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