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3 Indoor Light Fixtures That Won’t Attract Outdoor Bugs

3 Indoor Light Fixtures That Won’t Attract Outdoor Bugs

Nothing’s worse than opening your front door at night and having a swarm of flying insects flock inside to your indoor lights. Flying insects are out and about in the hot, humid weather, and when they sense a source of heat and light, they naturally are drawn to it. Some homeowners get so frustrated with their bug attraction problem, they need a top mosquito control service to help.

If you want to keep your space to yourself and avoid sharing it with moths, mosquitoes and other flying insects, you can swap out your traditional light fixtures with something different. Here are three indoor lighting options that help keep the outdoor bugs away. 

3 Indoor Light Fixtures That Won't Attract Outdoor Bugs

  1. Warm-Hued Light Bulbs

The first thing to think about when choosing indoor lighting that won’t attract bugs is color. Most traditional light bulbs emit a cool, blue tinted white color. This color is a natural attractant to most flying insects.  A better option is to seek warm-hued light bulbs that belong in the red or yellow color family. One recommendation from a professional exterminator Orlando is to get yellow lights for your indoor spaces that are close to windows and exterior doors.

  1. LED Lights 

If yellow lights don’t match your home décor, you can skip this intense color and go for energy-saving LED lights instead. Bugs are attracted to the heat of traditional light bulbs, and they can sense the warmth the moment you open your front door or window. Homeowners can stop bugs in their tracks by removing all of their old incandescent lights and using LED lights instead.

LED lights run much cooler than their traditional light bulb counterparts. That means bugs are less likely to notice the lights and flock to them or your home’s interior. The other great benefit of LED lights is how much money you can save by using them in your home.

  1. Surface Mounted Lights

Besides light bulb choices, you can also change the way you design your lighting inside of your home to help avoid pests. Flying insects generally gravitate towards lighting fixtures that are high up, such as ceiling lights, wall lights or porch lights. A viable option that tends to reduce the number of insects is a surface mounted light or a light that sits much lower in your home. Surface mounted lights can be used on railings and other spots lower than eye level.

You can do more this summer to keep pests from entering your home. Contact a pest control cockroaches specialist to find out more ways to avoid these bothersome insects.

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  1. I never knew about it but now I know that bugs can also attracts depends on the color of your light bulbs at your home. For the past we are encountering bugs going inside in our house and now I am thinking to change the color of my light bulbs to see if its going to work with us.

  2. I never realized that indoor lighting could attract outdoor bugs. Though it makes sense as they usually gravitate to light fixtures. Something to consider next time I purchase new bulbs.

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