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Repairs and Healing:  Compensation is Essential to Getting Back on Your Feet and on the Road

Repairs and Healing: Compensation is Essential to Getting Back on Your Feet and on the Road

An auto accident can be life-changing, as the injuries can take months or years to overcome. In some cases, the consequences of the accident last a lifetime. The positive news is that you might be entitled to compensation that can assist you with the medical expense, property loss, and income loss. Punitive damages are also possible and cover the pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and loss of enjoyment that occurred because of the accident.

While money can never take away the suffering, it can relieve you of financial burdens related to the accident. These burdens can range from the medical expenses your insurance company won’t cover due to the accident being caused by another party to the psychological impact.

Determining Compensatory Damages

When it comes to determining the amount of compensation, there are a variety of factors that are considered, such as the role of the responsible party and if any of your actions affected the damages incurred in the accident. To calculate the monetary amount of the claim, the cost of current expenses are considered and, in the case of medical expenses, information from the doctors treating you help determine the future cost of medical care.

Unfortunately, health insurance companies deny claims related to accidents when the party at fault can be held responsible for the expenses. This causes a major hardship for the victim because the victim receives bills for what the insurance company won’t pay. Failure to pay medical expenses can drive the victim into a debt collection situation that they can’t afford. The same applies to car insurance companies when it comes down to paying for damages to the vehicle or replacing it.

Furthermore, the injuries can make it impossible for a person to work as much as they need to or at all. This makes paying for medical bills, let alone day-to-day expenses, impossible. The good news is that past, present, and future income loss can also be included in the claim so that the victim can receive money to make ends meet while recovering. All of this amplifies the importance of seeking compensation when someone else caused the injuries.

Other Compensatory Damages Defined

As for some of the other compensatory damages you can claim, they are difficult to define when establishing a monetary value. These damages are outlined as follows:

Pain and suffering – The mental and physical suffering that leaves an accident victim feeling depressed, anxious, humiliated, and physically limited due to pain and/or permanent injury.

Emotional distress – The overall psychological effect of the accident

Loss of enjoyment – Inability to engage in hobbies, exercise, and other day-to-day activities

Loss of consortium – The negative effect that the injuries have on important relationships

There is no set formula to determine the monetary value of these damages. Instead, an amount that simply makes sense is calculated although it’s impossible to put a value on the impact an accident has had on a person’s life.

How Do You Get Punitive Damages?

You might also have the ability to seek punitive damages in a car accident injury lawsuit. It must be shown that the party at fault acted in a careless manner. That is why this type of damage award is seen more as a punishment for the responsible party rather than an award for you. Still, it’s money that you can use to support yourself as you are working to get back to normal or as close to normal as possible.

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  1. I had a really bad accident when I was 22 and injured my neck pretty bad. It was a newly licensed 16 year old texting. The only time I’ve ever been badly hurt in an accident. THis is super helpful info

  2. I’m a new driver at 32 am my worst fear is getting into an accident specially with my baby in the car.I dont even think about how i will have to deal with the claims.Thanks for all the great info.

  3. I wish the process of insurance claim would be simpler! Although I have never been in an accident (Thank God!), my dad has been on several ones before. He was fortunate to get away with only bruises and cuts, but it was still a big pain asking to be compensated for the cost of medication and medical screening for fractures/internal damage.

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