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10 Ideas for a Nautical Themed Wedding

10 Ideas for a Nautical Themed Wedding

A nautical theme is one of the top themes for weddings in 2018. There is something about blue and its shades that make a wedding seem elegant yet fun. From dresses to seating, the nautical theme is a timeless trend with classic designs and a plethora of things you can do differently. Therefore, I have made a list of things you can do differently if you have decided to have a wedding around the nautical theme.

10 Ideas for a Nautical Themed Wedding

  1. Invitations

Let’s start at wedding invitations, shall we? What better describes a nautical theme than anchor themed wedding invitations? These are not only cute but classic as well. An anchor represents a tether between 2 points, and what could be a better metaphor for 2 people in love and finally be getting married?

  1. Bridesmaids Dresses

Every bridesmaid fears the dress she has to wear on a wedding day. Even if the day is not about them, they should still look and feel good, which is why a navy blue is a way to go. Now, navy blue does not solely represent the nautical theme but it is the best shade to look graceful and tasteful.

  1. Locations

The most romantic wedding location has to be somewhere near the sea. Whether it’s a ceremony on the beach or a reception on a boat, there is just something about the sea that is never-endingly romantic. Plus, having a sunset wedding on the beach is a lot cheaper than renting out a hotel or a garden.

  1. Cutlery

For a nautical theme, there is just so much you can do. Try dressing up the cutlery for the theme. From DIY glitter glasses, tying bows on the cutlery, to dressing up the tablecloth and centerpieces. A nautical theme is very versatile.

  1. Wedding Rings

When the ring bearer presents the rings to each of you, why not have them placed on a themed cushion or a themed ring box? Imagine a tiny cushion with a fish on it or a simple and aesthetic shade of blue? Or envision a dog dressed as a sailor, skipping down the aisle carrying your rings in a tiny basket. Adorable right!

  1. The Lighting

A nautical themed wedding allows you to play with lights in different ways. When people think of the sea, they imagine the open sky with a million twinkling stars. You could bring those stars to your wedding reception and have them under a blanket of tiny white and yellow fairy lights.

  1. Cake Toppers

There are so many ideas out there for cake toppers that follow the nautical theme. Imagine 2 anchors, one with a bow tie and the other with a veil, or a bride and groom in scuba diving suits, or even a guy and a girl fish kissing each other on top of the cake.

  1. The Wedding Garters

The wedding garters don’t need to be a traditional white with frills, it could be anything you want them to be. Try incorporating the theme of the wedding into the garters. Maybe blue with a tiny sailors knot in the middle, or even blue and white stripes with a little starfish on it.

  1. The Table Centerpieces

Flowers don’t have to be the centerpieces at you nautical themed wedding. Why not try lanterns or tiny t-candles floating in water in a fishbowl?

  1. The Bouquet

One of the most important things for a bride (other than her wedding dress) is the bouquet she holds. It, again, does not have to be the regular bunch or white flowers. Try adding a handful of seashells to it or have blue flowers.


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  1. Wow I didn’t realise nautical was the theme of the year! I am going to go do some searching and see some nautical weddings now. What great tips, easy to incorporate without being something you’ll regret in 20 years.

    – Jackie (Organised Mum Life)

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