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When Compensation Is Due: What Is the Leading Cause of Truck Accidents and What Belongs to You If You’ve Survived One?

When Compensation Is Due: What Is the Leading Cause of Truck Accidents and What Belongs to You If You’ve Survived One?

Like the large rigs, commercial trucks present dangers to the smaller automobiles as well as the passengers they carry. The truck drivers need to be aware of such dangers and drivers of smaller vehicles need to take the necessary precautions when in the presence of large trucks. Minor driving errors such as failing to signal when taking a corner could lead to an accident when a trailer is involved. There are various causes of truck accidents you should know. The most common causes involve:

Driver’s Fatigue

While there has been a decrease in truck accidents over the past years, crashes relating to fatigue have not declined, even with the existence of a federal law limiting the time truck drivers can operate their vehicles.

A number of studies show that fatigue-driving is as dangerous and fatal as DUI-driving. These findings are supported by surveys which reveal a majority of accidents take place between midnight and 3 in the morning. In addressing this issue, the federal government has enacted a law known as the HOS (Hour-of-Service) which limit the amount of time truck drivers can operate, to ensure all road users are safe.

Reckless Motorists

According to researchers, approximately 70% of accidents relating to trucks were caused by users others than truck drivers. From this survey, it is believed that most private drivers do not know about the limit of trucks. Among the most fatal mistakes that private drivers make in truck-related accidents include making a turn in front of the truck, misjudging a truck’s speed, driving in the blind spot of the truck, changing lanes dangerously, and driving between two commercial trucks. Therefore, when driving close to a truck, you need to take all precautions to avoid a crash.

Get Legal Assistance

In case you survive an accident caused by a truck driver, it is important to know that you are entitled to compensation according to the number of damages caused. If you sustained injuries as a result of the accident, the truck’s insurance company should be able to offer compensation for all your medical expenses, lost wages and damaged property or vehicle. To know what your options are, you can speak to an auto accident attorney to learn more about damages and compensation.

Since there are numerous potential causes of road accidents, cases involving trucks can be contentious and complex. The trucking industry is heavily regulated, so knowing who is at fault is often not enough to secure a claim. A good number of truck drivers, employers, as well as their insurance organizations will try as much as possible to deny responsibility. In such a case, an attorney experienced in truck accident cases can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If you are injured by a large rig vehicle or a commercial truck, you could be entitled to some compensation. The initial step in knowing what you deserve is to talk to an experienced attorney. Start the process of personal injury consultation by contacting a professional with experience in truck accidents law. That way, you can be better prepared to make informed decisions when such a time comes.

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  1. I couldn’t imagine being in an accident with a big rig/ commercial truck. This is very informative if ever I do become involved in an accident and how to get the process started.

  2. Knock on wood…I hope to never be involved in an accident involving those massive trucks. But it’s a good tip to contact a professional rather than trying to sort it out by yourself.

  3. I know this happens more frequently than one thinks. Glad to know there are professionals out there that specialize in accidents involving large trucks and can help guide people through the aftermath.

  4. I love that there is a law that limits the time a truck driver has to be on the road. Fatigue is so difficult to combat, especially if you are on the road. It does give me some peace of mind though that there are people who are ready to provide assistance for whoever and whenever it is needed.

  5. This reminds me of a fatality that happened in our hometown a few years ago. It’s very important to know your rights, just in case…

  6. My boyfriend was in a accident when a truck crashed into him, knocked him off the road then the trucker just kept on driving. 🙁 Because the trucker drove off and the police couldn’t find out who it had been- nothing could be done. Thankfully he was alright but the car wasn’t..

  7. Just a few weeks ago a friend of mines mother was in an accident because of a truck. Thankfully she was fine, her car however, ughhh

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