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How to Win at Life

How to Win at Life

Many of my friends and family members are going through trying times. These trying times are both heartbreaking and quite stressful. I also am going through some challenging times dealing with something I’ve never had to face before. That’s simply part of life. I get that it’s sad, it’s stressful, it’s overwhelming and it can quite literally take you down for the count. The thing is you always have a choice. You can wallow in self-pity, let challenges consume you. You can make today the day that you choose to win at life. While there are heartbreaking times, stressful times and hardships going on for you, there are other things happening that you simply can’t see quite yet. Maybe the universe doesn’t feel that you’re ready yet. Maybe the timing isn’t right yet. I can’t really say for sure, but I can tell you that you have a choice today. I invite you to learn how to win at life.

How to Win at Life

How to Win at Life

Be Optimistic

I am that glass half full sort of lady. I have this knack to get overwhelmed, feel a little stressed and perhaps sad too when life tosses me a curveball. Believe me; life has been tossing me some pretty hefty curve balls these days. I simply can’t seem to let them take me down though. I learned many years ago, probably almost 15 years ago, how to be an optimistic person. I learned that by seeing that glass as half full that great things came to me. Sure those great things weren’t there immediately and I had moments where I wondered if anything great was going to happen, but it did and it continues to. Great things happen to those who find a way to see the positive in the everyday challenges of life.

Be Proactive

I cannot stress this enough! It’s so important to be proactive if you want to win at life. There are always multiple outcomes for one scenario. Instead of allowing your fears or anxiety consume you about the negative outcomes of any given situation, learn to focus on all outcomes as a simple matter of fact. Stop labeling outcomes as good or bad, because any solution to move on from difficult times is better than being stuck in that difficult time. Being proactive doesn’t mean you will have a solution for everything that’s tossed at you nor does it mean you’ll be able to predict all possible outcomes. Being proactive simply allows you to be more adaptable and open to any outcome that resolves the situation.

Keep Learning

Lastly, if you truly want to win at life then you need to be open to learning. This means learning new skills, new coping mechanisms, new thinking patterns, etc. When you become open to learning, you become more knowledgeable in a new area of life. This can be friendship, business or even relationships. When you open your mind to learning something new from the given circumstances, you’ll be able to be more optimistic and proactive naturally. Every human being should be growing with each new experience, that’s simply a really great way to win at life.

I haven’t experienced everything. I am almost 37 years old, what do I know? I may not know as much as my elders but I have learned a thing or two from them. I also know that I’ve been through enough of my own hardships, stressors and been taken advantage of many times that I’ve grown. I’ve learned to be optimistic, proactive and to adapt whenever something difficult comes my way. I research and learn ways out of the situation. I reach out to friends and family members for guidance. Each time I practice these steps, I learn something new and I wake up feeling like no matter what happens today that I’m still winning at life.

I really, truly hope that you are able to implement these three things in your own life. I want to see everyone winning at life and handling those difficult times with ease.

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