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Three Ways You Can Improve Your Life By The End of The Year

As we approach the later months of the year, now is a chance to look back and evaluate how things have gone so far. How has your 2018 been? Have you achieved all that you wanted, or is there room for improvement? With plenty of time left until the calendar ticks over to 2019, take this as an opportunity to make the most of the year so you can look back without regrets. Here are some ideas for ways you can genuinely improve your life!




Volunteers really do make the world a better place. You might not be in a position where you can donate money to a worthy cause, but you could spend some of your free time helping out. Whether it’s at a soup kitchen, a women’s refuge, a children’s hospital or a nursing home, helping out those who are in need or less fortunate can improve their life as well as yours. You get to make a genuine difference while opening your eyes up to just how lucky you are and how grateful you should be for the life you have. Choose a cause that means something to you, and do what you can to help- even if it’s just giving an hour a week of your time.


Get a Dog

A dog can truly add so much to your life. They’re loyal, they’re funny and then can teach us the meaning of real, selfless love. A dog can help you to get more active- plenty of walks and playtime will be needed especially if you’re adopting a younger pooch or high energy breed. When you live alone, a dog makes the perfect companion but they’re just as great for couples and families. As long as you have the time, space, energy and money to ensure your dog’s welfare then adding one to your life can certainly make it better. Of course, just be sure to do your research and know what you’re signing yourself up for. Blogs like give advice on everything from feeding to grooming and more. You could speak to loved ones about their dog and get as much information as possible, and you can find endless books in the library. It helps to know some background information on things like feeding, grooming, flea and worm treatment and exercise requirements. The more information you can soak up before getting your furry friend the better.


Get Healthy

It’s been quite some time since we all made new years resolutions, where we vowed we’d eat less junk, sleep better and exercise more. Whether these changes lasted a week, a month or a number of months, if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon then don’t worry- hop back on. Sign up to an exercise class you think you’ll enjoy, or buy some hiking boots and do some walking outdoors while the weather is still nice. Go to your local market and stock up on delicious fresh produce that will nourish your body. Drink plenty of water and re-evaluate your sleep routine. Do this from now until Christmas and you’ll shed excess weight, tone up, feel fitter and more energised. You’ll do your body and mind good, and you might even have fun in the process!

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