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The Best Apple Desserts on the Internet

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Fall will be here before you know it. Some people are all about that pumpkin spice, but this chick is all about apples. I love taking my trio apple picking in the fall. While the price is about comparable to what you buy in the store, we seem to get better tasting apples. I love supporting the local Wellward Orchards farm in Vermont every year.  I realized that we usually end up with a ton of applesauce. That’s the only thing I really can make off the top of my head with the apples we pick. This year I decided to compile a list of the best apple desserts on the internet. I hope that you’ll try some of these apple recipes come fall season.

The Best Apple Desserts on the Internet

The Best Apple Desserts on the Internet

  1. Washington Apple Crisp Recipe
  2. Apple Crumble in a Jar
  3. Baked Apple Chimichanga Recipe
  4. Apple Dessert Pizza
  5. Apple Dessert Frittata
  6. Apple Peanut Butter Snack Cake
  7. Snickers Caramel Apple Bars
  8. Baked Apples with Coconut Cream
  9. Puff Pastry Apple Tart
  10. Caramel Apple Crumble Pie Squares
  11. Apple Cream Cheese Puff Pastry Braid Recipe
  12. Pumpkin-Apple Chimichangas
  13. Apple Crisp Recipe
  14. Mini Fill Apple Pies
  15. Caramel Apple Dessert Pizza
  16. Quinoa Apple Cake
  17. Caramel Apple Dump Cake
  18. Strawberry Apple Galette
  19. Cranberry Apple Crisp
  20. Sour Cream Apple Bars

I don’t even know which one of these I will try first, but this list has surely given me a ton of options of what is out there for the best apple dessert recipes on the internet. Use this resource to help you whip up something appley this fall season.

The Best Apple Desserts on the Internet

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