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5 Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Once upon a time life happened. Everything fell down at once. Things were not so easy and I couldn’t quite see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had no solutions in mind that would work. I had no idea what was going to happen a week from that moment. I had no idea what the right answers were to those who needed answers. I was doing my best to rise up from a bad situation. I was doing my best to remain positive as a mom so that my kids would see a good example of how to handle life when the pressure hits hard. Today I’m going to share my tips to stay calm under pressure. These tips are exactly what I have done in the last few weeks and what I continue to do in order to remain calm as I head forward towards a new direction that has no real solution in sight.

5 Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure

5 Tips to Stay Calm Under Pressure

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Feel the Feels

I had started to fight emotional responses. I had it drilled into my head that being emotional was crazy and during that period of my life I learned how to push emotions down and hide them. This was exactly the opposite of who I am and had been all of my life. As time has gone on and I’ve adjusted to a new way of living and working on getting back those pieces of my true self that were lost, I found my feelings. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I feel everything again. It’s amazing. This is my first tip to stay calm under pressure; allow yourself to feel all of the feels. This means if you’re scared, feel it. If you’re excited, feel it. If you’re anxious, feel it. Once you’ve taken a moment to feel the feels and acknowledge the presence of those emotions, you can pause and redirect to the next tip to stay calm under pressure.

Live in the Moment

There is no guarantee that tomorrow will arrive. None of us know for sure what the next minute in our life will entail. We only have this very one moment that we’re in and that’s the now. My second tip to stay calm under pressure is to live in the moment. Let go of having to solve everything. Even if you have a heavy load of priorities to figure out, pause to only focus on the one that you can work on in this moment. For me, this tip helps tremendously during my transitional stage. I had to first focus on number one priority which is my kids and my dog. Once I had that figured out and I knew they were going to be okay, I could move onto the next priority on the list. This helped me remain calm and feel confident in my decision.

Hang onto Irreplaceable Things

As the trio and I work to get into a new chapter in our life, I had a long chat with them about hanging onto irreplaceable items and to not worry about getting rid of things we can replace later on in life. This was a tremendous help during my stage of transition because I honestly don’t know what will happen in the next week or two, but I do know that we can replace furniture, tables, and shelving. What we cannot replace is our memories of photographs, keepsakes from family members and our stuff that holds an emotional value to us. Those are the things I’ve had my kids try to focus on hanging onto for our storage unit. Perhaps you’re under pressure moment isn’t about moving and it’s more so about financials, well use this tip as a means to figure out what you can sell to make some money to stay calm under pressure.

Ask for Help

I am famous for being a person who puts more on her plate than necessary because I hate asking for help. I feel that I’m in this position of high pressure due to my decisions I made as an adult. I made one choice, that led down one path and another path until we meet today with tremendous levels of pressure upon my shoulders. This is what happens in everyone’s adult life. Things happen that make us feel like we shouldn’t ask for help because we indeed made the decisions to get here. I’ve learned through compassion and kindness from my online community that it’s okay to ask for help. When you ask for help, sometimes you may even find some helpful resources and tips that will push you towards a positive solution during moments of high pressure.

Be Honest

Another thing I have difficulty with under pressure is being honest about how stressed I really am. I will share my story in an honest fashion, I will tell you how it truly is but I’ll always have a positive twist. It’s just how I naturally flow and what works best for me, putting positive energy out there helps me to stay positive. One thing I’ve learned throughout the last year or two is that being honest about how I feel and how broken down I am at times, is actually a good thing. When you’re honest with your friends, family and your online community they truly come out with high levels of supportive comments, compassion, and empathy. They know that you’re not asking them to pity you. They understand what you’re going through because some of them have been here before. I have really broken down a brick wall to open up with my community, friends, and family during this time of high pressure and it’s quite helpful when it comes to learning how to stay calm under pressure.

It’s not easy learning how to be so brutally open about a situation that has created a high level of pressure in your life. Stress is hard, but if you learn to follow these tips to stay calm under pressure, I guarantee you that you’ll start to feel a little happier. You’ll start to check off one thing on your priority list at a time and remain calm during this whole scary time in life. These tips will truly help you rise above and get going when the pressure hits the fan.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I needed to read this today. I’ve had too much on my plate and I need some breathing room, and that is okay! Thank you.

  2. I really struggle with staying calm when stressed, but it is something I have been working on. I know these excellent tips can help me continue down that path to peace.

  3. Great tips, especially for this time of year. School will be starting soon and our kids will be in high school…. yikes!

  4. What an inspiring post. Great tips to put into practice. Being honest and asking for help are two big ones in my book.

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