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Do These 3 Things to Be Confident in Your Decision

How to Remain Confident with Your Choices

Yesterday I discussed how to make a difficult choice in life. Today I want to share how to remain confident about your choices. You see, sometimes our choices can lead us to emotional responses. If the choice was like mine, separating from my kids for a temporary period of time or not, well that can lead you down a path of second-guessing yourself when you’re missing your kids. It wasn’t an easy decision, but most things in life aren’t easy. The key to remaining confident in your choices is to master the mind. You must use these three tips to remain confident in your choices by mastering your mindset.

Do These 3 Things to Be Confident in Your Decision

Reaffirm It was Best Choice Possible

Take pause anytime your emotions try to take over. At the moment where you feel sadness, anger or frustration, redirect your mind. Take a moment to reaffirm that you made the best choice possible. During this moment, you may have a friend to ramble to. If using a friend for this part of remaining confident with your choices, be sure it’s a friend who will not allow you to dwell on emotions, but rather redirect you to the reason this choice was best during that given time and how you plan to work to move forward and make positive change. Reaffirm as often as possible so that you are able to feel confident that your difficult decision was the right one given your circumstances at the time.

Change your Scenery

Take time to do something that makes you feel more relaxed and confident. I personally love being out in nature or near water. This helps me to redirect my thoughts to positive and in turn feel more relaxed. When you start feeling overwhelmed by emotions from a difficult choice, changing your scenery can do wonders for your soul and help you redirect your thoughts quicker. While some people may opt to take a nap or sleep more, that’s something to be careful with, as extra sleep could knock you into a deeper place of sadness. Make a list of places you enjoy going to that make you feel relaxed and able to forget all of the adult decisions you have to face.

Watch Something Funny

I am famous for putting something on that’s funny when I’m feeling down and out. If I am second guessing myself or feeling glum, I’ll put on stand up comedy via Netflix or watch a Comedy movie. I have found that when you’re faced with the aftermath of a difficult choice that the emotions can play tricks on you. Learning to watch something funny amidst those sad moments will help kick your brain back into focus. They say that laughter heals the soul and it truly does. Find something online that you think is funny and just keep watching hilarious videos or movies until you feel a lighter heart, mind, and soul. This one little act will help you remain confident with your choices.

Do These 3 Things to Be Confident in Your Decision

Now that you know the three tricks I personally use to remain confident in my choices in life, you can use these to help yourself. When you learn to take control of your mind, get out of the house to somewhere that causes you peace and laugh a lot, you’ll soon find that everything works out and your goals will be achieved faster. Do not give up. You’ve made your choice, and now the plan must be set in forward motion to ensure you can look back on this difficult choice one day and say, “Damn I knew that difficult choice was the best one for my family!”

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  1. Great reminders. Tough to look ahead at the unknown and wonder if it was the right decision but your steps sure make it a calmer and easier process.

  2. I needed to read this. I’m constantly second guessing myself and think a change of scenery like maybe a short walk outside would help.

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