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5 Ways to Personalize Your Store Experience

As an online retailer, you have a distinct advantage over brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to personalizing customers’ experiences. Even better, making your buyers feel special with a customized shopping experience is a major influencer when trying to turn a first-time visitor into a loyal, lifetime customer.

5 Ways to Personalize Your Store Experience

With that in mind, let’s discuss five ways to personalize your store experience. 

Customer-Specific Predictions

Recommendation engines can suggest what an individual might want based upon their buying history. These can be presented to your customers directly on the website. This keeps shoppers engaged because the products recommended for them pique their interest. A cloud-based store can help with personalization as well because cloud e-commerce stores  have the ability to provide a personalized wholesale channel for high-volume customers.

Personalized Packaging and Unboxing Experience

What’s fun about opening a non-descript brown box sealed with clear packing tape? While your customers don’t necessarily expect a box wrapped in ribbons that sprays confetti when they open it, a personal touch goes a long way. E-commerce outlets can wow their customers with customized packaging that includes their logos and colors on the box, a handwritten note experssiing gratitude for the purchase, stickers, or anything else you think would resonate with your target buyer persona. The look of the packaging and the unboxing experience are almost as important as the product contained within. 

User-Generated Content

According to EY Studios, merchants can build trust between their brand and their consumers by allowing them to share their experiences. This effective tool costs very little to implement. Studies show 92 percent of online consumers trust recommendations from others. Positive user-generated content can improve brand recognition and boost your sales in one fell swoop.

Loyalty Program and Discounts

Loyalty programs create repeat customers by offering them special incentives. Offering exclusive offers and discounts to members of the loyalty program makes them feel special because thet get deals that aren’t available to everyone else. Tracking your customer loyalty program is equally important because a five percent growth in customer retention can lead to 100 percent growth in profits.

Call Your Customers by Their Names

When you get an email from a company trying to earn your business and the intro reads “hello sir or ma’am,” you typically hit the delete button—yes?

Customizing email marketing campaigns start by addressing the recipients by their names, then adjusting the content to cater to each customer’s specific needs. Instead of writing thousands of emails, try to segment your email list into different types of customers like the penny pinchers, VIPs and brand loyalists.

According to Picreel, companies that segment their email lists see a 15 percent bump in annual income. As artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into e-retailers’ operations, it’s reasonable to expect that consumers will receive specifically tailored messaging in the near future. Start working on this now to get ahead of the pack.

Personalization is what sets e-commerce retailers apart from the box stores. Customers want their own shopping experience, not a one-size-fits-all environment. As individuals strive to be different and continue developing specific preferences, e-commerce stores need to make the effort to do the same. These five ways to personalize your store experience will go a long way toward distinguishing your brand in the minds of online consumers.


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