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5 Amazing Mixers for Rum Other Than Cola

Ask any rum lover which the best mixer for rum is? We are sure you would probably get cola as the most common answer. Rum and cola are like Sherlock and Dr. John; both are incomplete without each other. While one exudes heat, the other cools it down with its cold temperament. However, is there any harm in experimenting? Would you not like to give your cocktail parties a new addition by mixing rum with something other than cola?

So, if you are still following the age-old choices, it’s time to ditch the clichéd styles and try something new. Afterall, it’s 2018, and we really need to give our taste buds something new, exotic and hard-hitting.

To be your guiding companion, we have sorted out 5 wonderful mixers other than cola that can make your rum yummy-licious. Check them out! But, be sure of mixing in moderation, as we want your guests to have a great time and remember all the fun moments the next day and for years to come.

  1. Club Soda

It can turn your simple rum drink into a refreshing Highball, adding spirit to your fun. Just add club soda and rum together, and you are good to go! You can also garnish it with a lime wedge and tiny umbrella to bring a fancy charm as well. To bring some more tantalizing tastes to your glass, add simple syrup and mint. This can become a classic Mojito drink to refresh your mind.

  1. Fruit Punch

A drink made with your favourite fruit punch and best Indian rum is no doubt a sweet retreat you would love to try again and again. Making it is also quite easy. There are various rum punch concoctions you can prepare with main ingredients being any of the fruit punch and classic rum. Check out their recipes today and impress your guests with your cocktail skills.

  1. Pineapple Juice

This is one of the most popular options rum lovers choose after cola, and some of the best drinks are prepared using this combo. In case you don’t know how to make other fancy cocktails using pineapple juice and rum, you just mix them together and get perfect shots of delicious cocktails ready in no more than 2 minutes. Interesting and amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Ginger Beer

Its taste is different, but it accurately compliments the sweet, molasses-y notes of rum. You can also put some lime juice to take the taste of your drink to another level. So, next time you throw a party at home, do serve your guests with this interesting cocktail and grab all the appreciation! But yeah, don’t forget to buy the best rum in India for the treat and become the perfect host.

  1. Coconut Water

If you are chilling at the beach, have a bottle of rum and fresh coconut beside, you need to try this drink. And even if you are not at the beach and don’t have fresh coconut, well, you can always get packaged coconut water and bring the magic of rum and coconut water together! What more? It’s healthy as well because coconut water is full of potassium and best for avoiding dehydration.

Excited to try them all? Well, then get a bottle of best premium rum today and enjoy! In case you are confused about rum brands in India, try picking up Murano by Hermes Distillery, and it’ll surely become your favourite in no time. Trust us, the notes and aftertaste are amazing, and your taste buds will not help but crave for more. Happy Drinking!

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