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How Business Owners can Keep Remote Employees Connected

Modern business owners enjoy advantages their predecessors could only dream of. Thanks to advancements in communications technology, business owners can hire professionals and freelancers who live hundreds of miles away from their HQ. However, this arrangement can also present a host of new problems. There are downsides to employees working from home constantly, and it can be difficult to coordinate efforts between remote team members. On that note, ambitious entrepreneurs should be aware that there are ways to construct a company with a unified culture –– even while employees work in remote locations. Here are a few tips to keep everyone on the same page no matter where they live:

How Business Owners can Keep Remote Employees Connected

Set Definite Hours 

There’s reason to suspect the traditional nine-to-five workday will quickly become obsolete. Many professionals now recognize that setting their own agenda is more efficient and productive than adhering to an arbitrary schedule. On the other hand, when remote employees cover different hours, communication breakdowns are almost sure to follow. In order to maintain collaboration between remote co-workers, make sure you assign a few hours each day designed specifically for quick, yet important, interactions between staff. This way, your employees can enjoy the freedoms of working at home without losing touch with their fellow team members. 

Underline Accountability 

The last thing any business owner can afford is for an important project to fall through the cracks. Unfortunately, when employees operate remotely, there’s always a chance for miscommunication. To combat this possibility, make it a point to attach “tags” to each assignment so each employee knows their responsibilities. What’s more, setting multiple “sub-tasks” within large assignments can help you keep tabs on employee progress from afar.

Invest in New Tech 

Business owners have access to plenty of tech options that can improve the way remote employees interact with each other. From basic chat apps to sophisticated Hosted VoIP solutions, tech upgrades can facilitate communication between employees working many miles apart. Note, integrating new tech at multiple locations can sometimes be difficult (and expensive). As such, hardware updates are almost always less cost-effective than software improvements.

Make Smart Hires 

Just because someone is qualified for a position at your company, doesn’t mean they have the temperament to work from home every day. It’s critical for business owners who are looking to create a company with remote employees to seek out individuals with great communication skills who are happy to work with others in a non-traditional setting. This means new hires not only have to be tech-savvy but also have to possess a willingness to collaborate. Otherwise, all the effort in the world won’t bring your team together.


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  1. I think having employees that essentially can work from anywhere having that line between set work hours and freedom is important

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