Inspirational Positive Quotes to Live By

When it comes to finding inspiration on a day when the heat index is so high, and the kids are complaining about the heat, I find solace in positive thinking quotes. Being a work at home parent means you have to juggle a bit more. Each day I wake up and brew the coffee on […]

Learn How to Be a Successful Work at Home Mom

Learn How to Be a Successful Work at Home Mom

Being a work at home mom has many benefits. When I decided to come home full time it was an easy, no brainer decision. Aside from the fact that I loved my job back in 2006, being home with my firstborn and my soon to be second-born seemed like an easy choice. I had been […]

New England Travel Destinations: Rodeway Inn

If you’re looking for an affordable option while searching New England travel destinations, then Rodeway Inn in Claremont, NH is worth looking into. You get free wi-fi, a comfy room, and complimentary breakfast all at a reasonable rate. When it comes to finding New England travel destinations my family and I are open to trying […]

New England Travel Destinations Crown Point Camping Area

Are you looking for one of the best New England travel destinations to go camping with your family? There’s a little campground in Vermont that seems to be a decent place to camp. While traveling in the New England area, you probably want to find a good spot to rest. Whether you have a tent, an RV, or a tow behind camper, Crown Point Camping Area has some campsites for you.

Chrissy Weems

Women in Business and The Emotional Connection

I recently watched a TEDx Davenport YouTube video that really resonated with me. As a mom of three kids who are now preteens and teens, I’ve always hoped that there would be ways each of them could become an entrepreneur. These kids have been raised by a woman in business, me. I’ve been an entrepreneur […]