2020 Workout Fashion: The Trendiest Gym Outfit Of The Year

Thanks to the activewear trend, gym clothes have received a high fashion makeover, changing the way we work out for the better.

It’s no secret that trendy gym apparel can help us feel fabulous even with a bright red, makeup-free face. However, looking hot in leggings is not the only way that athleisure can improve our experience with getting fit.

The high-quality materials and functionality that activewear designers utilize, has resulted in premium sports performance clothing that just happens to look on point too.

These performance-focused designs help us feel lighter, faster, and more mobile, giving us the courage to push ourselves a little further, and perform a little better. So how do we find workout attire that possesses the perfect harmony of functionality and style?

Here is the ultimate fitness outfit of 2020.

Sports Bra

A supportive and functional sports bra that allows you to feel secure and look good is a must for all forms of exercise.

For functionality, ensure that the type of sports bra you wear matches the level of intensity of your workout. Typically, the higher the impact, the more padding used. If you stick to low-intensity workouts such as yoga and pilates, low to medium impact bras will be fine. On the other hand, if you enjoy running or HITT classes, you’ll definitely feel more supported in a high impact bra.

For style, the trends that are in demand right now are strappy backs and zip fronts. Tangerine orange and all shades of blue are the in-season colors right now too.


When it comes to bottoms you have two options, shorts or pants? If you’re opting for pants, you’ll find many activewear brands such as Fabletics currently rocking the Sculptfit trend. Sculpt Fit pants are specially engineered to perfectly sculpt to the unique form of every woman.

If you prefer to work out in shorts either for better breathability or to show off your legs, mesh shorts are all the range in 2020. Mesh makes the perfect fashion trend for activewear as it’s naturally very breathable and easily creates stylish panels and pockets.


Sneaker trends change so frequently it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot. The biggest 2020 sneaker trends are chunky soles, rainbow colors, and platforms. If you’re looking to purchase a new pair of running shoes, you’ll see activewear brands embracing the chunky sole trend not just for style but also performance.

In fact, chunky soles have multiple benefits. They can help to protect your feet from impact, preventing painful sports injuries such as plantar fasciitis, as well as making you feel light on your feet, and therefore enabling you to move quicker.

Because activewear is so versatile, keeping your gym apparel on-trend will help you stand out from the crowd in the gym, the coffee shop, or the mall. Adding these stylish threads to your activewear collection will keep you looking and feeling fresh wherever you are.


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