Tips for Exploring Old NH Cemeteries

We have had the good fortune of venturing out into some wonderful parts of New Hampshire, exploring abandoned roads and places that are long forgotten. We have seen some amazing things in my explorations, but the most rewarding thing is seeing old cemeteries so long gone they are no longer remembered by anyone…at least not anymore.

Top Tips For Looking After Your Dog Or Cat

There are a few tips below that will help you keep your pet in tiptop shape, including proper nutrition, preventative medications, grooming, and mental stimulation. Photo by Snapwire from Pexels Correct Nutrition By feeding your pet the right amount and type of food, you are preventing obesity-related illnesses and extending his life. If you feed […]

How To Procrastinate Less

We are all guilty of procrastination. It’s all too easy to convince ourselves that we’re simply taking a little break and then not returning to the activity at hand, and instead we waste time doing anything else. Even if the other work is beneficial (for example, cooking supper, cleaning the house, administering CBD for dogs, […]

How to Choose Your Career Path

Everyone can feel lost when they are looking for a career. It can be tough to know which route to take. Should you follow your passion and do something rewarding? Or should you look for a financially stable job that means you can enjoy vacations with your family whenever and wherever you want? Do these […]