spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Your Blog

It’s the time of year to get cleaning. You go through your paperwork, sweep, clean the house, organize shelves, get rid of what you don’t use, and so much more when you’re spring cleaning your home. But what else should you do this with? Some of us do so with our phones. But if you […]

make money with Amazon Affiliates

How I Make Money With Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliates, also known as the Amazon Associates program, is a free-to-join program where bloggers and anyone else interested can partner with Amazon to sell products through advertisement and receive a portion of what buyers spend. Many website owners use this as a compliment to their normal content style or as an entire online store […]

fruit infused water

Tips for Drinking Fruit Infused Water

It’s a well-known fact that water is the best beverage to consume. However, sometimes plain water can get boring and not provide the refreshment you need. Fruit-infused water is an easy way to keep your drinking experience exciting and unique each day.  Below you’ll find some tips for making your fruit-infused water taste great. 1. […]