There are three ingredients that every life needs in order to overcome, cultivate peace, and accomplish goals. They are joy, strength, and perseverance. Joy keeps you grateful. Strength helps you weather the hills and valleys of life and perseverance gives you the will to keep going no matter what. With these three spiritual friends on your side, anything is possible.

The 3 Ingredients to Life


Joy is the stuff that childhood is made of. It’s both light and whimsical and deep and passionate. It reaches all levels and goes both deep and wide. Joy is what gives us a light heart even after we’ve been through traumatic situations. It’s that magical spirit that believes anything is possible, despite everything. A joyful heart can see the possibilities where there appear to be none. Even marketing carts become mystical and capable of anything, with a joyful spirit. It’s the magic that lives in all of us that must be resurrected from time to time.


Strength is the resilient part of our spirit that takes over when we feel defeated and ready to give up. It’s the silent partner that lives in us all and goes to battle for us when we’re too tired to fight. We often look back on our lives and wonder how we made it through certain tough situations. It was our silent partner that carried us through many of those difficult situations.


Sometimes life can be repetitive and difficult at the same time. Even though we understand what we must do and have done it before, it may still be difficult. We may feel that we can’t wash another dish, or change another diaper yet somehow it gets done. We may even wonder how we will make it if we have to keep up a certain pace for a prolonged period of time, but perseverance is the superhero spirit in us that always rises to the occasion, even if we sometimes fail. In failure, we are able to pick ourselves up again and begin once more. Perseverance is resilience on steroids.

These three noble virtues have the ability to carry us through many situations and position us to live an incredibly rich and fulfilling life. This trio of powerful attributes forms the foundation on which to build our best life and live our truth. Develop them and let them develop you. You will be amazed at the incredible human being you start to become.

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