3 Ways To Boost Your Travel Blog Overnight

When I was a kid and we went on family holidays my parents would always buy travel guides so we could find all the best spots to go in a new country. You still see them around from time to time but people are increasingly turning to travel blogs instead. That’s why travel blogging is one of the best ways to make a good living online. The problem is, the competition out there is pretty fierce. There are so many travel blogs and if you want yours to be successful you need to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Before you get started, read these tips for bringing more traffic to your travel blog.

3 Ways To Boost Your Travel Blog Overnight

Avoid The Tourist Traps  

If you search for travel articles on New York, you’ll find hundreds of list of the best sights like the Empire State Building, Ground Zero and the Statue of Liberty. If you write the same old post, people aren’t going to find it that useful. They can find that information anywhere and they probably know about those places already. Writing posts about all of the tourist traps in a place isn’t going to keep readers coming back. Instead, you should try to go off the beaten track when you travel, and write about the hidden gems that people wouldn’t find otherwise. The best way to do it is speak to locals while you’re there and ask them where their favourite places to go are. You’re likely to find places that don’t appear on all of the other articles out there and give people a more unique and authentic experience of a country.

Write In English  

Everybody loves to travel and you can easily find readers from all over the world. That means you need to write in a language that everybody can understand. English is the most widely spoken language in the world so always stick to that. If it’s your second language, visit EffortlessEnglishClub.com to get great lessons to improve your English skills in a short time. Being able to write in a language that the majority of people can understand makes it more accessible to everybody.

People that don’t speak English will still be able to translate your page so it’s vital that your writing is all grammatically correct and you don’t use too many slang phrases that won’t translate properly. That way, any reader from any country in the world will be able to read your blog.

Take Good Photos

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‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ It’s an old cliche but it rings true, especially for travel bloggers. You can spend an entire article describing how beautiful the Northern Lights are, but there’s no better way to show people than a good quality photograph. It makes the article more immersive and helps readers to imagine being in that country. A couple of grainy photos aren’t going to make somebody want to travel to that country. Make sure you get a decent camera and take plenty of professional photos. But you should remember that people are interested in the country, so don’t fill the site with hundreds of pictures of you and your family sitting around the hotel.

These three things will help you drastically improve the quality of your travel blog and increase your number of readers overnight.


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  1. What you said was absolutely true for what I’m looking for as I’m checking out Travel Blogs. I want the less tourist-y places to visit and I’m always drawn in by nice photos.

  2. Sooo true, I love to read about and also discover hidden gems and asking the locals is a great way. Especially for places to eat, ask the locals.

  3. These are great tips. I have been debating on starting a travel blog. I am just worried I wouldn’t have the time.

  4. Great ideas for a travel blogger! I wish I could be a travel blogger…there are so many things in this world I would love to see. The photo’s do seem to make a huge impact on travel blog posts.

  5. I like your tip for avoiding the tourist traps. I get tired of reading about the same things over and over again from travel writers.

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