3 Ways To Stop Forcing An Artificial Beauty Standard Upon Yourself

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When it comes to how we look and how we dress or beautify ourselves for the world outside, it can be interesting to see what methodologies and principles various people have. Some may not really care about looking their best each day, and have the opportunity for doing so. Some may think that in order to go out they must never be without makeup. And of course, now that gender norms are starting to dissolve when it comes to fashion and beauty, both sexes are starting to struggle with these choices, also.

Ultimately, you should do what makes you happy, and isn’t harmful. But of course, it can be hard to do things of your own intent when we have such beauty standards seemingly telling us what to wear, how to look, and how to regard ourselves. Some of this is imposed upon us by society, but we internalize that from time to time also, and can hold ourselves to such a false standard.

In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways you can avoid doing that from now into the future. We believe it may help you feel more informed in your decision-making.

Health = Beauty

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you feel healthy, and you’re taking steps towards self-care and healthy living relative to you, then you’re most likely also caring for your beauty. We simply feel good and look better when taking care of our health such as getting enough sleep, practicing skincare, eating well, and exercising to the degree that we’re able. If you’re looking for a quick health fix and to get the most out of what you have to offer – this is it.

Your Natural Self

Your natural self, celebrating all that encompasses, is all you ever have to be. So what if you have a birthmark on your face, or a mole which helps distinguish you, or you’re not perfectly symmetrical in all things? Where we can love ourselves is where we can find our natural blemishes (which are rarely even blemishes) and love ourselves for that. The more we can understand that, the better. After all – why would we ever want to be perfect? That sounds tremendously boring.

Never Be Shamed Out Of Your Tastes

If you feel confident and fundamentally expressing yourself through particular makeup brands, or dressing a certain way, or in going against the norm, you shouldn’t feel obligated to try anything else. Don’t be shamed out of your tastes provided they are healthy and wholesome. For instance, as plastic surgeons discuss the brazilian butt lift, you may find that having work done that makes you happy is key. ‘Natural beauty’ is often a concept we find important to promote, but sometimes that conversation can become toxic and make women feel lesser because they have focused on treatments they find appealing. What matters is making sure this takes place for the right reasons.

With the advice, you can avoid forcing an artificial beauty standard upon yourself.


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