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3D Wall Panels to Enhance your Office Space

3D wall Art Home Office Decor Idea

As a work at home mom, I am often on the lookout for any way to make my home office feel more professional. Since a majority of my work is freelance writing, my creative side must flourish. Having my home office set up in a way that allows for creativity to flow is vitally important. I often look for unique office decor pieces and recently found out about 3d wall panels. I was curious what these were and how they could enhance my office space.

3D wall Art Home Office Decor Idea

What are 3D Wall Panels?

A 3d wall panel is basically a decor piece that you can place on your wall or ceiling in the office to make it appear as if it pops out at you. Decorative wall panels that have texture, rhythmic patterns and sometimes an optical illusion look are what make up 3d wall panels. Thes panels can be easily added to any home office space to help inspire your creative side when working from home.

Why Decorate Home Office?

It’s extremely important to have a home office set up that inspires your work mind. Whether you’re a creative worker or seriously at home worker, meaning you have a position that perhaps is more like data entry than creative writing or graphic design, having a home office space that inspires you to keep working during your scheduled shift at home will matter. When you decorate your home office with decorative wall panels it helps to separate your mind from home to work easily.

A home office that has the right decor and set up will truly help you achieve your full potential when it comes to working remotely. The reason I adore the idea of 3d wall panels is that I love working my creative mind the most, it helps me stay focused and driven in the career path of being a freelance writer. The design options I found are endless and only inspire me to purchase some decorative wall panels in the near future to liven up my home office space.

Where to Buy 3D Panel Art?

There are many places online where you can purchase 3d panel art or other decorative wall panel options for your home office. One place that specializes in this type of home office decor is CSI Wall Panels, you can read their blog, learn more and view their products easily online. While you may not be on board quite yet to redecorate your home office space, I truly hope that you will keep in mind the endless options you can have for an inspirational and functional home office when it comes to using decorate wood panels.

Have you ever used 3D wall art? Did you help you feel more creative in your work at home space?


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6 thoughts on “3D Wall Panels to Enhance your Office Space”

  1. Maybe this is what my husband needs so he will actually use his office. He prefers the kitchen table, which is super annoying. I think this might be the answer for his basement office!

  2. Mama to 6 Blessings

    Those are great ideas! I think quite a few of them could even work at home in a home office. They sound very functional!

  3. I actually bought the hubby some 3D wall art when he was still working. It added some nice interest in his space. I think it’s good to have somewhere to look in an office to rest your eyes when you need a bread. Art it necessary in life – whether that art is a painting or a 3D wall panel.

  4. Jennifer Quillen

    This looks so awesome. It would really be a great way to upgrade an office space for something more refreshing.

  5. I had never heard of 3D wall panels before, but they sound like a great way to spruce up a room. I have some rooms that could use some added texture!

  6. That is such a great idea! I haven’t thought about using 3D wall panels, but it is definitely something i will look into.

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