Having a blog for your business is a way to open a whole new door of possibilities. Not only can you share tips for using the products or services you sell, but it gives an excellent way to boost SEO.

Many brands and business owners alike have hired a ghostwriter for their blog. Having a ghost blogger on your team is a fabulous way to increase exposure for your business and brand through a blog.

How common is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is far more common than most people realize. There are many books and websites that have been created by ghostwriters for companies or individuals, and since they don’t get the credit you would never know.

A good handful of individuals make a living off of ghostwriting or freelance writing for profit, and many celebrities or higher-ups will often hire ghostwriters for all kinds of projects and tasks as well as pay quite well.

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Why Hire a Ghostwriter

  • You have years of experience in a particular field and are ready to compile the information into an automated email campaign, a book or multiple blog posts.
  • You’ve started writing your content only to find your brain simply won’t work with your fingers and you need a fresh voice to get that information to flow properly.
  • There just aren’t enough hours in the day for you to write the content that needs to be written and you want a trusty sidekick to complete this tedious task for you.
  • You have a great article in mind but lacking the time to research so that you can write about it in an intelligent way.
  • It’s just easier for you to dictate topic ideas than it is to actually write them.
  • You hate writing.

Before you hire a ghostwriter for your team, you really should think about the following things:

  • Is the ghostwriter easy to communicate with?
  • Will the ghostwriter be okay with constructive feedback to meet your vision?
  • Is the cost of said ghostwriter within your budget for business costs?
  • Will the ghostwriter add value for both your audience and SEO purposes?

A ghostwriter can become a valuable silent member of your team, whether are you running a blog or a business site that needs constant fresh content to maintain rank in search engines or you just have run into writer’s block and need a fresh brain to get that content done.

The amazing thing about a ghostwriter is that they do all of the work for you and then you get the full credit for each piece of content your ghostwriter delivers.

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Possible Signs You’ve Hired a Bad Ghost Blogger

Ghost bloggers are a great way to outsource your writing work or find someone to create good content for your website, but it is all too common of a struggle to not get a good ghost writer when you hire one. Many people can waste your time, aren’t great at writing, or lurk on job sites just to scam others. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can recognize this mistake early so you can make it better.

Here are some signs that you’ve hired a bad freelance writer:

Talking Big

If your freelancer is talking all about how they definitely know anything you want them to write or seem overconfident and dismissive of what you’re trying to request or say, it’s a pretty big red flag. For one, nobody knows absolutely everything. Even experienced writers come across new topics or need to do research for their projects. You also want someone that will listen to your needs for the article that may be important for your website’s setup or needs. If they’re dismissive and overconfident, there’s a pretty big chance you’ll not get a good product.


Reviews are a useful and simple way to tell straight off what kind of work you’ll be receiving, be wary of bad reviews, and also keep in mind reviews that seem to be too good to be true or very generic. Those could be fake or even paid for reviews, which isn’t the best sign either. Pay attention to the specifics in the freelancer’s reviews or client feedback because they may be good at some things but difficult with other aspects. Seeing and understanding that from the beginning will help you a lot.

Quality Of Writing

There are plenty of ways that writers can create lower quality writing for their jobs which can screw you over in the deal. Pieces that include a lot of filler content with little of the stuff you want, high amounts of grammatical or spelling errors, or inconsistency across projects can be things to keep your eyes out for. If you have specific requirements for your content such as a setup you need or no personal pronouns or specific topics, make sure those are fulfilled as well. Otherwise, you’re probably not getting what you could get for what you’re paying.

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Benefits of Ghost Writer for Blogs

There are many benefits of hiring a ghost writer for your blog, below are just a few of the best benefits you get when you’re able to add a ghost blogger to your team!

Ghost Blogger Rates

Ghost blogger rates will vary from writer to writer. I have been ghost writing for brands and bloggers for about three years now. My rates are relatively low in comparison to other ghost blogger rates, for now. I’d say the average 400-word article sells around $25*, while my higher end content sells for a bit higher. *Each year or two my rates do increase and adjust based on my experience and growth as a ghost blogger. 

Ghost Blogger Frees up Time

You’ll find that hiring a ghost blogger is a fabulous way to free up time to focus on other areas of business. Having a ghost blogger means that you’ll have someone else researching keywords and writing relevant content for your brand. This is a tedious and time-consuming process, so you’ll have more time to build other areas of your business.

More Personal Approach to Consumers

Having a ghost writer for your blog will give you a more personal approach to connect with consumers. Your blog can be a place to showcase some DIY projects that fit your niche, how you came to be in business, and other fun topics that pertain to the best keyword data for your brand. A ghost blogger for hire will know how to utilize your niche-specific keyword data to boost your personal connection with consumers.

Boosts SEO

Lastly, and most importantly, hiring a ghost writer for your blog will allow you to boost SEO. I’m sure you don’t update your business website frequently, so having a blog will give you regular content for search engines will index you more frequently. It’s always best to have your blog attached to your main business domain for maximum SEO.


Now that you’ve read the ins and outs about hiring a ghost blogger,  I highly recommend you hire a ghost writer to write 1-3 articles for your brand before committing to a long-term business relationship. Not every personality will mesh well together, be certain the personality style of your ghost blogger meshes well with your personality and approach to business.


How much do ghost writers get paid?

A ghost writer can make a large range in salary depending on their experience, project type, and employers’ budgets. For big projects like entire books, a ghostwriter can make thousands of dollars per project. For smaller items like simple articles, a ghostwriter can make between $10 to upwards of $50 per project. Since this is so varied and different writers work on different projects, the salary of a ghostwriter can be quite hard to estimate or pin down.

Why do people use ghost writers?

There are many different reasons for people to hire ghost writers for their work. Hiring a ghostwriter can save someone time and effort that they may not have, as well as help to make someone more money than what they spend on a ghostwriter to complete the project.

Does a ghostwriter get credit?

For projects like books, a ghostwriter does not get credit as the author only the person that hired them for the writing gets to claim that book. On smaller scale writing pieces, whether a ghost writer gets credit or not depends on the employer’s preferences and decision. Many people don’t credit ghost writers even on small website projects, while many bloggers or website owners will actually credit the writer in their upload which can help the writer get a better reputation.

How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?

How much you charge for an article depends on your experience and preferences as well as how much time you put into the article. If you’re wondering how much you should charge for a 1000 word article you should think about how long it takes you to write it, how much you usually charge per word count or word, and what you’d like to make for the project.

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