4 Creative Ways to Stay Fit and Active When You Have a Desk Job

An average office employee spends three-quarters of their day at work and two-thirds of the daytime sitting on a chair.

The same goes for individuals working from home. You, too, spend your day sitting either on a couch or on a chair. And this is unquestionably bad for your health.

So, if you are thinking making up for all this time sitting on a chair is as easy as doing a few push-ups, then you’ve got another thing coming your way.

Working out all at once, you can injure your muscles, which can cause you serious problems(if you are not careful). This is why it’s always advised to stretch or warm up your muscles before you begin a workout session.

So, how can you stay active when you sit all day at a desk, and you get minimal time to relax, let alone exercise?

Do not worry! Whether you work from the office or at home, we’ve created a list of the most helpful tips to help you achieve your fitness goals in the limited time you have before or after work.

Let’s get you started by answering this important question first:

How Active Should You Be Every Day?

The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) recommends that an adult working at a desk job should get a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise every week. It may seem like an unachievable number at first, but if you divide it into five days a week, you get 30 easy minutes of exercise every day.

As mentioned earlier, when you have a desk job, you can’t overlook the importance of staying active. Since most of your waking time, you’ll be spending sitting on a chair, couch, or kitchen table.

That said, in addition to keeping you fit, routine exercise can benefit you in numerous ways, such as:

— improves your mental health.

— maintaining and losing weight.

— boosts your immune system.

— strengthens your muscles.

Next, we discuss the most beneficial and creative ways to stay fit and active despite your working conditions. Let’s begin:

Resistance Workout With Medical Aid

Resistance exercises can have a significant impact on your body and muscles with a simple piece of equipment. Moreover, with a resistance band, you can perform many moves that focus on a specific muscle group of your body. As long as you have a resistance band, you can effortlessly work on your upper body, legs, abs, or booty.

Moreover, it’s a perfect piece of workout equipment for you if you are working from home. It saves your time and provides you with all the necessary physical exertion. 

However, if you have excess fat in a specific body part that you cannot get rid of, seeking medical assistance can help you deal with this problem. With ultrasonic cavitation and RF technology, you can melt fat from your body’s facts and bring it back to the desired level. But, first, consult an instructor with RF certification as they can guide you in the right direction. These Individuals are highly qualified and trained in the area of lipo in the health industry. Plus, they make life easier for individuals working from home and gaining weight and fat at an alarming rate. So make sure you get all the help when you know you are struggling with weight gain issues.

Once you’ve dealt with all the unnecessary fat on your body, you’ll start feeling a whole lot more confident and active – be it your personal or professional life. 

Don’t Forget to Do the Cardio.

There are several at-home activities that you can perform to get your daily dose of cardio. For instance, stairs can help you get the most out of your efforts. Simply doing 15 minutes of cardio on your stairs provide you with a good amount of calorie burn. Also, you can include jumping jacks, burpees, and other cardio exercises to hit that 30 minutes mark every day.

And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home, which makes it ideal for anyone working from home. Moreover, doing cardio at home will have your heart pumping and oxygen flowing all over your body. Additionally, it can further assist you in achieving your long-term fitness goals.

Go Out for a Walk

If you’re a nature lover and not a big fan of indoor exercise, going for a walk in the morning or evening can help keep you active during the day.

You’d be surprised to know that regular exposure to the sun protects you from multiple sclerosis, cancer, hypertension, and even diabetes. And when we talk about mental health, frequent exposure to the sun enhances your cognitive abilities and further protects you against fatigue and depression.

Due to the sunlight and increased vitamin D production in your body, you feel more active and focused during the day. Also, when you have a desk job, a daily walk helps you break the monotony of staying at one place.

So, who would have thought a simple activity like walking in the sun could have so many health benefits for you?

Be Mindful of Your Posture

Working all day in an office can take a severe toll on your posture. Issues like having your body bent forwards due to sitting on a chair and leaning forwards over a computer screen can cause severe postural problems.

Imagine it: your head tilted forward, your shoulders curved forward, constant lower back pain due to slumping in your chair, and upper back pain caused by hunching over the computer. A painful sight to imagine!

Postural correction for office workers thus includes loosening up the back, shoulders, neck and stretching the spine backward. To correct this issue, lay on your back on a swiss ball while extending your arms behind your head and pulling the spine backward.

For shoulder correction, pick a pair of light dumbbells, so the weight in your hands puts stress on your shoulders. Move your shoulders back when you have dumbbells in your hand. This will help your shoulders get into their default position by strengthening the muscles. As a result, you correct your posture with minimal effort from the comfort of your home.

To Sum it Up

To stay fit, you don’t always have to spend countless hours in a gym. You can achieve this goal by taking out only 30 minutes of your day and performing an easy workout routine. It can be cardio or a walk in the park.

However, the key is to stay consistent and perform these activities at least five times a week. It will help you stay fit and active even when you have a desk job, making it more vital for you to have an active lifestyle. So make sure you give yourself the care you deserve by following all the steps mentioned above.


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