4 Practical Ways To Keep Your Family Active

Life can be stressful, especially if you have to juggle work and family life. But active parents raise active kids, and your family’s health should be a top priority. Many factors contribute to keeping your family healthy, including healthy eating and getting adequate sleep. Exercising plays a role as well, and a CDC study advises an hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily for optimum health. While spending an hour daily exercising may sound like too much time, here are a few ways to get your family active.

  1. Limit screen time

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Experts have advised limiting your kids’ screen time to one or two hours each day. Unfortunately, many spend more than twice the amount on their tablets, smartphones, computers, and video games. You can limit their screen time by keeping electronics and other tech gadgets from their rooms. Additionally, ensure to limit computer use for school work. The kids become more open to engaging in other activities that get them more physically active.

  1. Get a pet

Households with pets are more likely to participate in some daily physical activity. For instance, dogs love to roam, and a sedentary lifestyle can get them bored and agitated. So ensuring walks and runs for your pet should be an essential part of the day. Since the whole emphasis is on keeping your family active, you want to schedule time for every family member with your pet. Interestingly, pets, for instance, dogs, can offer several benefits besides physical health. According to research, simply looking at an adorable puppy can raise your oxytocin levels and make you feel better. You can check out these cute Havanese puppies for sale if you want a lovely furry friend for your household.

  1. Sports day

You can host a sports day with your close family at home or with your friends or neighbors. You can either practice a sport your kids are interested in or try different outdoor games. This tip is useful, especially in the summer, and is a great way to keep your family’s spirit high. Aside from the fresh air, your family will benefit from, spending time playing games with your family will teach your kids healthy competition and create lasting memories with them. Even the planning process can be enjoyable as you bring all participants together to think of a race, competition, and activity ideas to fill the day.

  1. Dance party

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It’s never a bad idea to put on some music for a dance party anywhere. After sitting through your long work hours and the kids glued to their books or gadgets for hours, you can end your day with a dance party. You can choose a boogie-woogie, hip hop, pop, or some hair metal – just find the best music to move your body to. You can even join a dance class online or in person. This way, you can release stress, bond as a family, and get a good dose of physical activity.

Incorporating fun physical activities into your routines ensures your family gets enough physical fitness. The article highlighted some perfect ways to do this without making it feel like work.


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