4 Reasons Working at Home Sucks

You’ve probably seen it as many times as I have, that person who thinks working from home sounds like such an amazing experience. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and from an outsider’s view, working at home seems like a dream come true. While I admit, working at home is a blessing, there are some things about working at home that suck! Today I’m going to share some of the reasons why working at home can make you forget how much of a blessing it truly is.

4 Reasons Working at Home Sucks

Your Family Doesn’t Get It

You might think that eventually, your family will comprehend that while you’re at home, you’re still actually getting work done. Like this is hours that you put in to make money. The family doesn’t seem to ever get that concept. This doesn’t mean your family is rude, it’s just that you’re at home and they want to tell you something or talk your ear off, it’s simply part of the course in being a work at home entrepreneur.

Too Many Distractions

Unless you’re the lucky work at home entrepreneur with a distraction-free home office or private section in the house to work, you’ll find that there are too many distractions when you work at home. I know seeing the laundry or dishes out makes me want to stop work and get household chores done. These small distractions can ultimately ruin your productivity levels during your work at home day.

You Eat too Much

If you have self-control with the whole eating too much thing, then I commend you, but let me tell you what, sometimes it’s just too easy to go to the kitchen and whip up a snack. This is a major reason why working at home sucks, you have unlimited access to your kitchen and food all day long. If your family is home while you’re working, chances are you’ll smell their delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner and be unable to resist that temptation to chow down on some food.

Real-Life Interactions

Finally, one of the reasons working at home sucks is that you miss out on real-life interactions, even the most introverted work at home entrepreneurs miss that engagement once in a while. When you opt to work at home you’ll be giving up all real-life interactions because you’ll be working at home, alone, all by yourself. Get what I’m saying?!

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In conclusion, working at home is a fabulous way to earn a living and be available for your family as well as other adult responsibilities, but it isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Working at home takes a lot of energy, focus, and skill so that you can achieve success. If you’re thinking about working at home, then I highly recommend you think through these reasons why work at sucks before you jump headfirst into something that will require a lot of your energy to get things done.


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