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4 Reasons Your Home Office is Letting You Down

For some entrepreneurs, the entire world is their office. They work at their company HQ, in coffee shops, at bus stops, in the car, on planes, and, of course, in the comfort of their own home. One would imagine that working at home should be easier than working remotely while traveling. However, the reality is that working in your house can be quite tricky –– especially if you don’t have a quality home office setup. Today, then, we’ll outline four reasons why your home office space might be letting you down, so that you can take the appropriate steps to amend these issues:

Noise Pollution

Professionals in traditional office spaces have to deal with noise pollution in the form of their coworkers, construction, and sounds from neighboring businesses. (Though, firms like Key Interiors have made tremendous progress reducing the impact of such distractions through innovative design.) Remote employees working from home have an entirely different set of noisy distractions to contend with. From electronics like the TV or the radio, to the conversation of family members (children in particular), remote employees should operate in an office that shields them from distracting clamor. If you’re constantly getting up to check on some noise or another, then you’ve got a problem.

Tech Failures

Dropped calls. Slow WiFi. Broken or outdated printer/fax machine. All of these things can contribute to problems for employees who regularly work from home. Of course, pros who only work remotely every once in a while may not feel the need to invest in new tech amenities. But if you do work in your home a majority of the time, then consider investing in the tech you’ll need to function there effectively.

High Comfort

Everyone loves a comfy sofa or armchair to lounge in from time to time. However, it is possible to create a home office that is “too comfortable” for your own good. If your office chair makes you want to curl up and take a nap instead of get down to brass tacks, then it might be time to shake things up with your furniture.

Lack of Boundaries

Ideally, professionals would be able to dedicate an entire room to their home office. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Employees may have to settle for the corner of a den or half of the living room to set up shop. In such scenarios, do your best to create some sort of boundary between your desk and the rest of your home. Home offices that bleed into other areas can make it difficult for remote professionals to stay focused on their assignments. After all, there are plenty of creature comforts at home that can drag even the most dedicated pro’s attention away from work. Setting a boundary –– even in the form of a curtain –– between your “work” and “home” areas can do a power of good.


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