4 Ways to Keep the Energy and Optimism Up During Winter

When winter arrives we’re sort of ready for a little cool down in weather but when winter starts to drag on and on it’s hard to keep your energy and optimism up. Today I’m discussing 4 ways to keep the energy and optimism up during the winter season.

I’ve touched on this subject before with another blog post how to beat winter funk and I frequently discuss the toll that winter plays on us. Lack of sunshine decreases our vitamin D levels, indoor living, cold days and cold nights are surely something that can wear us down after a while. As the winter season continues to drag on and on across the United States, I’m starting to see a significant change in the demeanor of my friends and family members, not to mention I can feel myself slowly fading.

It’s time to go away winter. 

Sadly, we can’t just wake up and tell winter to go away. It’s simply part of life and we have to find ways to cope when the coldness and darkness of this dreaded season start to take us down. Today I want to share a few ways to keep the energy and optimism up so that maybe, just maybe, you can start to make the most of the remaining days of winter.

4 Ways to Keep the Energy and Optimism Up During Winter

4 Ways to Keep the Energy and Optimism Up During Winter

Find That Energy Sucker

While in reality, you may feel that it’s winter dragging you down, but perhaps it’s something in your life. Find something that’s sucking your energy and optimism during the winter season. This may be a person, a job, or some task that you just can’t handle any longer. Once you’ve figured out one of your main energy suckers, it’s time to figure out what you can do about it. There’s always a solution when it comes to a problem. If you have found that there’s something in your life pulling too much energy for you during the winter season, then figure out a solution that will help you have one less thing happening that depletes your energy and optimism.

Focus on What You Do Have

I know that I say this all of the time, but it’s so true! When you take a shower or brush your teeth in the morning, think about all of the things that you do have in your life to be grateful for. Maybe you have food on the table, a roof over your head, amazing children, or an amazing partner. Find something that makes you smile every morning when you wake up. I see people who get annoyed with this concept, of focusing on what you do have, but it seriously works. I have done it for years to try to redirect from the energy and optimism suck called winter. Starting your day off with a positive and thankful thought will help keep the energy and optimism up during winter.

Get a HappyLight

I understand that HappyLight is an actual brand of light, but it’s by far the best I’ve seen out there yet. I’ve owned a HappyLight for many years and swear by it. My teenager has confiscated my HappyLight this winter season and says it’s rather helpful to keep energy and optimism up during winter. I would recommend getting a HappyLight that will fit near you when you’re doing the dishes, another chore, or reading during the day. The key is to get your face near this light, without looking into it, at least half an hour per day. You’ll be amazed at how beneficial this light is at keeping your energy and optimism up during winter.

Work on Goals

While you can’t move or do anything major outdoors during the winter season, except outdoor sports, you can work on goals. Consider using the downtime in winter to set new goals and do what you can to work towards those goals. I’ll be honest I have some goals that I’m trying to work towards, and set daily goals to maintain my energy and optimism during winter. Without daily goals and having the focus to work towards something that can change in the warmer weather months I’d probably be taken down for the count. Think about something you want to work towards in your personal or business life and do what you can to make baby steps toward that goal to keep your energy and optimism up during winter.

Let’s face it unless you’re an avid outdoorsy person who loves wintertime activities, winter sucks. The lack of sunshine combined with the brutally cold temperatures that have been hitting us are really difficult to deal with. Combine that with the inability to get out and grill or socialize with other people as often as you can in the warmer months, it’s no wonder many people need some quick ideas to keep the energy and optimism up during winter.


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  1. Great tips, I really need to find out the negative things in my life and move them out of my life

  2. I am dying to move to warmer climate as the winter months always leave me feeling down and sluggish. These are great suggestions on how to overcome that!

  3. It can be easy to slow down and become pessimistic during the colder months. When days look gloomy and the cold is too bitter to be outside, we need tips like these to keep moving forward.

  4. oh my gosh could not agree more with this esp bc living in he midwest it gets dark so easily. these are great tips!

  5. Unfortunately most of the people in the US have to deal with the winter doldrums of cold and lack of sunlight so we need to make the best of it. These are good tips and a good way to adjust any bad attitudes.

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