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5 Benefits Of Giving Awards For Accomplishments

Athletes all around the world want to become notable in their respective fields. Successful athletes like Michael Phelps and Hussain Bolt are now legends in the Olympics and are the idols of aspiring athletes in their respective sports. What you’ll definitely hear from people who give these legendary athletes’ accomplishments as an example are their number of medals, trophies, and awards.

The benefits of giving an award are not limited to sports. Academic, as well as corporate accomplishments, are celebrated through giving a certificate, a trophy, or even custom awards for a more personal touch. Awards are often created in order to accompany the prize money, but with its nature and form factor, the award will be more sentimental for the recipient.

Award recipients, whether it be for sport, academic, or any other field with accomplishment, will also get a lot of benefits from receiving an award. These benefits are needed in order to achieve something higher in their careers and industries. Here are the five benefits of giving awards for accomplishments.

5 Benefits Of Giving Awards For Accomplishments

5 Benefits Of Giving Awards For Accomplishments

1. Recognition And Appreciation

The first thing that happens when a person receives an award is a sense of recognition. According to Forbes, when a person’s skills are recognized, this helps in enabling the person to reach his or her full potential. That is why recognizing someone’s skills is a must-have trait for a good leader.

Next comes appreciation which helps the recipient acknowledge his or her own work in the project. The more a person feels that his or her efforts are appreciated, the more input he or she can confidently share in the group. Or if this is an accomplishment in sports, the recipient will likely become more attentive and dedicated to training and practices.

2. It Gives A Positive Learning Experience And Promotes Improvement Problem Solving Skills

Receiving an award is a positive learning experience for the recipient. Positive learning experiences encourage a person to continue improving his or her skills in the field. In addition, a positive learning experience promotes improved social environments, better performance, and became more motivated to continue what he or she is doing.

In corporate settings, giving awards will also give a sense of friendly competitiveness. When people are competing with each other in a friendly way and help in pushing each other to their full potential, that is a good sign that the award-giving is a positive influence on your workspace. Creating a positive learning environment for your employees will also improve your leading skills.

The recipient of the award will try to improve performances as he or she tries to accomplish a higher accomplishment. These improvements will not be possible if a person will not use creativity and problem-solving skills.

3. It Reinforces Good Behavior

When someone receives an award for doing good on something, the recipient will repeat doing that behavior, which will lead to more skill improvement and higher achievements. The reinforcement of good behavior happens because the award serves as a reward for a great job done. That’s why people who managed to get one award and was recognized before usually aim to get that a higher accomplishment for a higher reward satisfaction.

4. It Boosts Confident And Overall Great Feeling

Awards are best for building confidence which leads to better performance. The effect of boosting confidence is not only limited to the sport, to the corporate environment, or to the scholastic environment. It also affects a lot of areas in life and improves the overall quality of the person.

Awards for achievement also makes someone feel great overall, which in return, helps in mental well-being. The happier the person, the more he or she can contribute to everything that he or she does. After all, the award is a tribute to doing a good job, and being recognized always gives a feeling of fulfillment and greatness.

5. Long Lasting Remembrance For A Memorable Experience

Just like what a quote from someone on the Internet said, “Happy times come and go but the memories stay forever.” Awards and trophies are good storage of good memories, especially when the battle fought to get these awards are hard and very challenging. It serves as motivation when they’re trying to achieve something more. It also serves as a memento when the recipient finally decided to move on and experience different things in life.


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