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5 Common Types of Criminal Charges

Nobody actively seeks out a criminal charge, but many people find themselves slapped with any number of charges whether they committed a crime or not. If you have been charged with a crime, click here to learn more about how a criminal defense lawyer can help you. Read on to learn about five common types of criminal charges.

1. DUI

DUI stands for driving under influence, and you can face criminal charges if you get behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol or other illicit substances. If an officer notices abnormal driving or you crash your car and appear inebriated, he or she may have you take a brethalyzer test. If it is found that your blood alcohol level is above the legal driving limit, you will likely face a DUI charge.

It’s best to avoid driving at all after consuming alcohol or drugs if possible. You may be able to get the charges dropped or reduced if you have a criminal defense lawyer on your side that can build a credible case.

2. Immigration Issues

The process of moving to another country is confusing and overwhelming, and many people are understandably stressed about starting their lives over. A criminal defense lawyer can help you if you run into immigration issues with paperwork and documentation, or if you get a notice of deportation proceedings.

These are just a couple of the dozens of immigration issues a criminal defense lawyer can assist you with, and it’s always a good idea to speak with a lawyer before making any big moves.

3. Weapons Charges

Weapons charges vary from state to state, but the main reasons a person may get a weapons charge is if they are carrying a firearm or weapon in a “weapon-free” zone set by law or carrying a firearm and acting angry or threatening. Being intoxicated while handling a weapon or discharging a weapon within a certain distance from a school or legal building may also be grounds for a weapons charge.

There are several scenarios that can get you a weapons charge, and handling legal firearms responsibly is the best way to avoid them.

4. Shoplifting

Shoplifting large or small items can result in a criminal charge, but some people get a criminal shoplifting charge despite not stealing anything at all.

Like many other charges, shoplifting charges vary by state. Many states have a dollar amount threshold, where if the item(s) being shoplifted are below that amount, the guilty or accused may just owe a fine and no jail time.

More severe instances of shoplifting include “shoplifting sprees” or organized retail crime, and these typically result in federal criminal charges. You can see more clicking here thefloridatriallawyer.com to know whether you can lift these charges if there is a juvenile involved.

5. Drug Possession

If law enforcement finds drugs on your person or on your property, you may be slapped with a drug possession charge whether the drugs are yours or not. You may also get a drug possession charge if officers have reason to believe that you know where drugs are or have access to them.

In Conclusion

These are just a few of the dozens of possible criminal charges one can undergo, but no matter what you are charged with, it is important to hire a lawyer to represent you.


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