5 Genius Hacks to Make Your Meal Habits Healthier

Many people want to eat better, but acting on it is challenging. Eating healthy isn’t as simple as it seems, especially when you’re used to particular foods and diets. Sometimes, it seems like an overwhelming task to prepare healthy meals, compared to stopping at a restaurant or ordering takeout. However, eating healthy isn’t impossible, expensive, and inaccessible as many people think it to be. Here are a few genius hacks to make your meal habits healthier.

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Plan meals ahead of time

If you always wait until it’s a few hours to mealtime to start thinking of what to eat, you’re likely to consume unhealthy food. The reason is that you end up taking up a lot of time in the decision-making and result in fixing something quickly or ordering in. To avoid this, start planning meals early, at the beginning of the week if possible. This way, you know what you need to purchase and start making tasty meals such as ninja foodi baby back ribs in good time.

Have an early breakfast

Nutritionists and dieticians term breakfast as the most important meal of the day; you shouldn’t miss it. However, it’s advisable to eat an early and healthy breakfast to boost your metabolism and kick-start your day. When you consume a heavy breakfast in the early morning hours, your body conserves energy, enough to sustain you until the lunch period. This way, you live little to no room from snacking from the cookie jar before lunch hour when you can eat a healthy meal.

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Pack your lunch

Carrying homemade lunch is a genius way to avoid junk and consume healthy meals. However, with mornings being busy, you may lack enough time to whoop up a meal. Pack your lunch the previous night and set a reminder to get it out of the fridge before you leave for work. Packing lunch prevents you from giving in to the urges of consuming unhealthy food or missing a meal when work gets too busy.

Use small plates

Eating from a small plate is a genius hack to outsmarting your brain. When your brain registers that you’re consuming a full plate of food, it causes you to feel full faster and satiated to prevent overfeeding. Use different plate colors for various meals. If you’re consuming a high-calorie meal or getting a second-helping, use plates with bold colors such as red to reduce its appeal and keep you alert not to eat much.

Stock healthy snacks

If you have a habit of snacking, it can be challenging to resist the urge. Instead of trying to ignore it, stock up on healthy snacks such as carrots, nuts, and fruits to satisfy your cravings without spoiling your diet. Go to the mall on a full stomach to avoid impulse buying and make more thoughtful snack choices. Also, keep your snacks in a spot where you can see them for easy access when cravings strike.

Bottom line

Eating healthy isn’t easy for everyone, especially if you’re a picky eater. However, you should never skip nutritious meals. To make your meal habits healthier, eat meals from small plates, plan meals ahead of time, and snack on healthy foods. Also, make a habit of packing your lunch the night before and never miss breakfast.

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