5 Of The Most Perfect Careers For People That Love To Help

Some people in this world love to help others. It is just written in their DNA. The good news is if you are one of these people, some pretty fantastic career opportunities will suit you down to the ground. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


One of the first careers suited to people that live to help others is medicine. After all, there is nothing as direct as saving the life of another, an act that many of those working in medicine do daily. 

Of course, you will need to choose the type of role you want and the areas in which you want to specialize as well. For example, some folks choose to become a doctor, but within this career category, there are many other specialties and levels including student, resident, consultant, and the like. 

Then there are all the many other roles in medicine to consider including nurses, paramedics, doctor’s aid, anesthetic, phlebotomist to name but a few! All of which do their part to help keep patients comfortable, and provide the care they need.  


Another great career option for people that love to help others is teaching. Indeed, teaching provides a direct opportunity to support kids in their learning and social growth. 

There are plenty of areas of specialism and ways into teaching to consider as well. With some people doing an education degree, while others enter into programs like Teach for America once they have graduated. Some people even enter the profession as unqualified teachers (at a lower salary) and then learn and get qualified on the job. 

Social work

The essence of social work is helping people, and in particular, people that are in positions so vulnerable that they are unable to help themselves. It can be a tough career too of course, because you get to see people at their worst. Although, the flip side of this is you also get to see how far some of your clients will progress with the right help and support.

Emergency services

You need to want to help people for a career in the emergency services! Sometimes you can be put in a situation where you need to help someone when they are unable to do so themselves. 

Of course, the job can look quite different depending on which arm of the emergency services you opt for. With firefighters focusing on calls to burning buildings, as well as fire rescue and prevention. While police spend time enforcing state and federal law, as well as investigating possible crimes and putting together enough evidence for cases to be taken to court.  


Last of all, if you love helping others, then what about a career as a veterinarian? In fact, in this job you get to help both animals and their owners! However, because there are so many different types of animals, vet school is one of the longest programs to complete. Although once you are qualified you always have the opportunity of starting up your practice which can be not only rewarding but lucrative too. 


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