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5 Personal Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Our basic needs as human beings include food, shelter, and feeling safe. With the growing global crime trends, owing in part to various lockdown measures instituted by governments, you need to protect your family and yourself. Now is the best time to re-evaluate your daily safety routines.

To stay safe, there are certain things we need to do. These five personal safety tips below will help give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe in your own home:

  1. Enable Remote Wipe For Your Phone Or Device

To prevent a catastrophe if you are ever the victim of phone theft, or even if you just lose your phone, you must enable remote wipe on your device. That way, if you are no longer in possession of your phone, you can clear all of your data from another device.

That wipes everything from messages to stored banking information, which will keep you and your bank account safe and secure.

  1. Be Smart With Your Home Address

When setting up your home address on your GPS or phone, do not use your actual address. Always set your home address to a safe spot near your house instead. That will stop criminals from hacking into your devices and stealing your home address.

This simple tip can prevent break-ins and unwanted visitors and you should add it to your list of safety tips to teach your children.

  1. Think Like A Burglar

Whenever you look around your home and property for weak security points, you must think like a burglar. Imagine that you are trying to break into your home – where would you start and how would you do it?

This technique is a favorite amongst the security professional teams as it helps them establish where your property and house are most vulnerable. That can often include things like open windows, dark spots in the garden, and faulty alarm beams.

Make sure you and your family can call for help when needed by installing a better version of Guard Llama.

  1. Lock Your Windows

Whenever you leave the house, make sure that you close and lock all windows that a person could squeeze through. This should also be done when you go to bed at night to stop would-be burglars from entering your home.

If you prefer sleeping with open windows, then you need to install security bars across the bigger windows.

  1. Install Security Gates On Doors

Never trust a simple door lock or chain. It doesn’t matter how many locks your door has; it will still be vulnerable to attack – especially if it is a wooden door. Install security gates on all your external doors.

These gates are made out of durable metals and can withstand kicking, which most wooden doors cannot.

It’s never a fun thought to have to protect yourself from being a victim of crime. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it has become a necessity. It is much better to be safe than sorry. Plus, you have to protect your family and keep them safe.




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