5 Simple Tips for Minimalist Parenting


Minimalist parenting doesn’t need to be a challenge, it’s more about seeing how your family could enjoy life with a little bit less. There are several benefits to minimalist parenting.

Your children will gain more independence and experience a larger world, and you can even save money cutting back on toys and unnecessary spending. It’s also about time to mindfully declutter your nursery and perhaps the rest of the home.

Here are five simple tips for minimalist parenting.

Fewer toys

There are plenty of explanations as to how kids benefit from fewer toys. If you decrease the number of toys, you increase their attention and capacity for deep play. There are also several options for children to express their creativity, and sometimes a little patience is necessary.

If your child is ignoring some or most of their toys, then you might need to take on a little feng shui and declutter the whole toy box. It’ll be better for all the family in the long run.

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Lighten the load

There are also advantages to carrying a minimalist diaper bag. You probably don’t even need the number of things you keep in the diaper bag. Do a clear out of your diaper bag and throw away or donate anything you don’t use.

You could even invest in reusable diapers, creams, and wipes. Having a minimalist diaper bag is not only better for your waller but also for the environment.

It’s a way to avoid wasting money on unnecessary things you’ll only have to carry around with you and your baby.

Teach them to use their imagination

Giving children the opportunity to play with less is one way to teach kids independence. They will have to use their imagination more with fewer toys and will be able to develop more useful creative skills for the future.

Let them decide how to play

Sometimes it’s important just to let your child and step back a little. If you give your children space they need to decide how to play they’ll develop their own imagination and initiative. It’s also important for their executive functions to be able to make choices.

Even from a young age, the importance of play is crucial. Once your child is more independent with play, it will give you as a parent much more freedom. As long as you keep a good eye on them, it’s a win win situation.

Get them in touch with nature

No matter what their age, no child can’t benefit from forest bathing. There are many health benefits both for mental and physical wellness. Simply take your children for a walk somewhere natural preferably quiet, and attempt to take in the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells.

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Getting back in touch with nature is a perfect way for them to gain some perspective.

This is effective in any season, as long as you’re prepared. Minimalist parenting doesn’t need to be a particularly challenging lifestyle choice. You can go out as a family and spend time together.

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8 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips for Minimalist Parenting

  1. Love this article. I should have read this before buying toys,gosh I remember the expensive ones ?

  2. I am choosing not to buy a lot of toys for my kids instead I am letting them to go outside enjoy the sun and play with other kids, never thought that I am being a minimalist parent.

  3. These are all such wonderful tips. I try to keep it simple like this too. I think sometimes the more stuff they have the worse it is.

  4. The more stuff my kids have, the more “bored” they are. When you have too much stuff, it’s hard to know what to focus on and play with! I’m all for minimalist parenting. (Now if I can just get rid of a bunch of my stuff, I’ll be all set!)

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