5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Ruining Your Life

5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Ruining Your Life

As we age our experiences start to define our thoughts and behaviors. Over time we learn what signs seem to signal someone leaving us. We learn what signs seem to signal someone lying to us. We learn what signs seem to show that others are happy with us.

As time moves on, and we grow from experiences, our brain starts to train itself how to respond to any given situation. While it’s great to have experiences, some experiences can train our brain to ruin a pretty good life. In time we learn that sudden changes in how someone treats us, or differences in their regular routine could mean something negative. While it’s good to be observant, sometimes our experiences lead us to think someone is up to no good when in reality, they’re just having their own internal struggle which causes a slight shift in their behavior and habits.

I once saw this meme online that said something about when we finally meet the right person for us we’re so broken inside that we end up breaking this great relationship. I believe this to be true about anything. Human beings have a habit of ruining their own life, without realizing it. I’ve been working really hard to find some simple ways to save myself from ruining my life. Anxiety is my culprit, but so is past experiences that left me feeling uneasy, not good enough, and questioning my ability to judge good character.

One of my new goals is to be very aware of how my mind and emotions are responding to insecurities or anxiety so that I can work to save myself from ruining this new life that I’m working hard to have. 

5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Ruining Your Life

5 Simple Ways to Save Yourself from Ruining Your Life

Focus on Actions

Stop worrying about your feelings or what you’re thinking. We all have insecure thoughts or feelings from time to time. Okay, so most of us do, not all of us. With that being said, stop focusing on the feelings or thoughts, rather remain focused on actions. It’s okay to feel and overthink from time to time, but if you start to develop a plan of action based on a quick reaction to instant feelings or thoughts, then you could very well ruin your life. Actions should be something that are well thought out and never based on a fleeting thought or emotion.

Ease that Worrisome Mind

Worrying is the cause of most of our evil. We worry about things that never happened. We worry about what might happen. We worry and worry some more until we’re sick to our stomachs over something that never even happened yet. This worrisome mind is a side effect of anxiety and other mental illnesses. Worrying is natural but when it starts to consume your every thought, then it’s time to find a way to ease that worrisome mind. Maybe you need some extra sleep, or a lifestyle change to help ease that worrisome mind so you don’t ruin your life.

Notice that Inner Critic

We all have an inner critic. This inner critic is what allows us to judge. Our inner critic is who will tell us we totally suck or our partner is clearly not interested in us because we aren’t as beautiful as we once were. Our inner critic will tell us that everyone is better and doing fabulous in life. Our inner critic will build up self-doubt and doubt about others around us all at the cost of ruining our life. It’s time to notice what that inner critic is telling you. Stop allowing that inner critic to tell you negative things. We are all worthy of love, respect, and common courtesy.

Stop Keeping Score

If you truly are a kind person who loves to give, then stop keeping score about who is giving more than the other. While I understand some people are genuine takers and will suck you dry. They will take all of your energy, all of your money, and all of your sanity without giving a care to how you feel. There are a lot more kind people than there are evil, and if you enjoy giving to others, then keep giving. Do not keep score as it can create a negative environment and won’t change who that other person is. If you feel that you’re being taken advantage of, then simply stop allowing yourself to give to that person. Period. It’s that simple. Keeping score will only ruin your life.

Keep Focus on Reality

We will all develop plans for our future. Whether it’s a career, relationship or lifestyle goal we all make these plans that ultimately change as time moves on. Things happen in life to adjust our plan, so while it’s great to have a plan in mind or an end goal, keep focus on reality and maintain the ability to find a flexible path to that goal. Keep focused on the reality of everything going on. Our emotions can often make us feel as if reality is far worse than it really is. When you learn to keep focus on reality and become adaptable to life changes, you’ll end up being happier and in turn not have a chance to ruin your life.

Learning how to save yourself from ruining your life can go a long way. You’ll start to feel happier on a regular basis. Your confidence will be boosted. You’ll stop fearing the unknown. You’ll start to focus on what good you have in life. You’ll let go of past experiences and base today only by how you’re treated today, and who’s in your life today. Using these 5 simple ways to save yourself from ruining your life will ultimately lead you towards a positive and successful future with the right people by your side.

Have you ever done something that you realized later ruined a really good thing? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. I am an INSANELY realistic person, which is why I think I am so happy. I don’t live in some perfect world – and I am no perfectionist, thus I am pretty easily pleased and look at everything with a positive attitude. I am blessed with this outlook on life and I know it. Depression looks like such a bitch.

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