5 Things Your Cat Would Tell You If It Could Talk

We all know cats can be a little strange. But what would they say to you if they could talk? That’s a difficult question.

Many owners let their cats off the hook. Their behavior is often appalling. But that doesn’t matter because we know that they’re animals and they’re just going about their business. They can’t socialize like the rest of us. If they have thoughts, they can’t verbalize them.

But that doesn’t stop you from wondering what they’d actually say to you if they could open their mouths and speak. What is going on in those messed up brains of theirs?

“I’m Walking All Over You Because I Want Feeding”

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Cats don’t like to admit it, but occasionally, they require feeding.

But unlike dogs who will beg and cry for food, cats don’t quite know how to be direct with you. They know that they need to ask, but they’re not sure how.

Most of the time, they’ll just start walking all over you and digging their claws into your clothes until you relent. It’s one strategy, I suppose.

“I Wonder How Long It’ll Be Before You Notice I’ve Peed In Your Room”

How many times have you come back from work, only to find that your cat has left a little mess in your bedroom? It happens to practically every cat owner in their lives, and it stinks.

Cats, though, don’t seem to mind. If they missed the litter tray, that’s your problem. They’re holy animals and perfect in every way.

“Please Can You Pamper Me?”

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Cats are queens – even the males. They want pampering in every way imaginable. And they’ll never thank you for all your hard work. However, much effort you put in is only enough to keep them hanging around. If you slip up, they’ll go and live with your handsome neighbor down the road called Pedro.

Want to pamper your cat? Find out how to trim cat nails learn here.

“I Don’t Like The Dog”

If cats could talk, they’d tell you that you did everything you could to make living with a dog work, but it’s just not possible.

Dogs are stupid animals, they’d say, and incapable of even basic decorum. The endless barking, begging, pining, and butt-sniffing is enough to put anyone off. If you’ve made the mistake of getting a dog, your cat wants you to know that it is never too late to return it to the seller. We all make mistakes.

“I Want To Sleep More, But You Don’t Let Me”

Cats are probably the sleepiest domesticated animal you can buy. And it all comes from their wild ancestors.

Cats will often remain in a heightened state of alert until they get food. And then the moment that they do, they spend the next twenty-four hours acting like they are coming in and out of a medically-induced coma.

What’s more, they get cranky. If you start making noise in the kitchen, they’ll storm off looking for better accommodation from the neighbors down the road.


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