5 Things Your Dog Needs This Christmas

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The holidays aren’t just for us humans. Our furry family members deserve to share in the holiday cheer as well. Whether it’s gifts, outfits, events, or just being included in the family fun, our dogs are a huge part of the family and want in on the action. Here are five things that your dog must have this Christmas to get them and you into the spirit of the holiday.

Christmas Photo Shoot

Yes. The family does a photoshoot every year, and why not have one for your dog as well. Dog photoshoots are a great way to dress up your dog and add some extra cheer to the holiday season. The best is when you put your dog into your family photo. Photos are those great momentos to remind us of a certain time in our lives and Christmas photos remind us of those special Christmases you shared with your family before children grow up and have families of their own. The dog is part of that memory and part of the family so it only seems natural they would be in the photo with you.

Toys, Toys, Toys

There are a plethora of dog toys out there for your family canine. All year long you buy your dog toys, but at Christmas time, make your dog’s toys extra special. You can order a themed box of dog toys for Christmas. You can wrap it up and put it under the tree for your dog to open on Christmas morning. Not only will that make your dog feel as if they are part of the Christmas festivities, but they will also get a little something of their own that will make them feel included and a true part of the family. Having their own toys during the unwrapping is also a great distraction for them so that they won’t start playing with paper, playing with other gifts, and getting excited by all the stimulus.

Doggy Christmas Pajamas

Of course your dog can wear their sweater or raincoat anytime of the year and it’s cute, however, your dog can only wear Christmas outfits at Christmas. One of the best ideas for your pet is to get dog Christmas pajamas. These pajamas are lightweight, yet they are warm. They will keep your pooch so comfortable and if they want to go outside they will be protected against the cold weather, or if you live in a warmer climate, the pajamas are great for a photo opportunity. The pajamas can be purchased in various styles and colors, and they can even be made to match the family pajamas for photos or simply for the big morning.


Everyone loves cookies, and your dog is no exception. There is an entire industry around dog cookies. Bakers take care in creating bone shaped, cat shaped, food shaped, and fun design shaped cookies to satiate your dog’s desire for a treat. The bones come with fun sayings and can be shaped to look like Christmas trees, Santa, snowmen, or even presents. Although your dog can’t read, the Merry Christmas and holiday writing on the cookies add that special touch to make the cookie more memorable for the holiday.

Everyday Items

Sometimes, the best dog gifts are those that make your life easier. Perhaps you just need Christmas as a good excuse to go out and by these time saving necessities. A lot of these items will be used all year round and are a good investment for your dog. Not every present has to be something that can be played with or eaten right away. Christmas gifts are a great time to invest in your dog’s future. Great gifts that keep on giving are grooming days for your dog to allow them to stay clean, stay bug free, and keep their coat, teeth, and nails healthy. Harnesses and retractable leashes are great to give your dog more freedom and comfort opposed to short leashes and collars that choke them.

Portable dog water bottles with an attached cup for drinking are a great gift idea so that on your longer walks in the summer or warmer climate you can provide water for your dog where it won’t spill and they can be hydrated. Along with feeders, at-home electric groomers, and decorative cookie jars, the possibilities are endless to buy a gift for your dog that is going to make them feel part of the family while also making loving them even easier than it already is.


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