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5 Tips for Moving on From A Bereavement

Time has the ability to make the searing pain of bereavement less intense, but the feeling of emptiness and loss may never go away.  Learning to carry on with your life while carrying these emotions with you can be difficult and challenging.  Here are some tips to help you move on from a bereavement.

Give Yourself Time and Space to Grieve

There is no right or wrong way to grieve and there is no set amount of time you should grieve for.  Accept your feelings and allow yourself to be as emotional or unemotional about your loss as you want to be. Don’t let other people tell you when to stop feeling sad and don’t be too hard on yourself either.

Talk About Your Feelings

If you want to talk about your grief, then this is the time to turn to friends and family. Don’t feel ashamed of your emotions or embarrassed by them.  What you are going through is completely normal and you may be surprised by how much help and support is available to you.  There are also trained professionals who can help you to deal with your loss.

Accept Unfinished Business

Acceptance is the key to moving on with your life after suffering from a bereavement.  There will always be things you wish you had said and done differently, and it may be that guilt that is holding you back.  Learn to let go of that and accept that you might have unfinished business and that your relationship does not really feel ended.  This will help you to move on and embrace the future.

Celebrate Life

It can be easy to get dragged down into feelings of loss when you are feeling bereaved, but you should celebrate life too.  Your loved one has had a lasting impact for a reason and thinking about all the good things and great memories you shared can help you to move on from a bereavement.  You can establish a permanent celebration of life by building a photo album or scrapbook.  Funeral homes & cremation services such as Lucas Funeral Homes can help you to build lasting memorials such as park benches or statues to help you commemorate the life of someone dear to you. Even during the pandemic, Lucas Funeral Homes are there to help you plan the best possible send-off for your loved one.


It can be easy to let go of the things that are important to you when you are going through a bereavement, but it can really help you to get back into these things to help you move on.  Self-care is necessary for your own survival so make sure you cover the basics like eating healthily and trying to get enough sleep and exercise, as these things are crucial to your overall wellbeing.  Sometimes it is taking care of your own basic needs that can help you to move on from a bereavement.

It is possible to move on with your life after suffering from a bereavement, but it is important to give yourself a chance to heal too.





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