5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

As our pug gets older, I keep noticing various old lady things that she does. For instance, I’ve noticed that she’s awfully demanding these days. When my teenager was enjoying a delicious slice of steak, Jenny the pug decided to bark at my teenager the whole time this kid ate steak. Instead of staring at you or occasionally making noise to beg as she was famous for doing in her younger years, she now barks incessantly hoping that someone will just toss her some food.

As our dogs get older, it’s quite common to worry about their health and how much longer they’ll live. I’ve had this chat with my kids about Jenny the pug nearing the age of 13 and it’s a hard discussion to have. While Jenny the pug may be getting older, a little senile and quite obviously demanding in her old age, she’s still got a bit of puppy left in her. Today I’m going to feature the top 5 tips to keep your doggy happy at any age so that you too can reap the reward of having a doggy that lives for many years to come.

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

5 Tips to Keep your Doggy Happy

Keep Doggy Protected

It’s always best to keep your dog in a healthy area. This means having access to water whenever placed outdoors for a longer period of time then to just go potty. Be sure your dog is protected from the elements with a dog house if they spend a lot of time outdoors.

Use a Harness

While the debate is still out as to whether you should use a collar or a dog harness when walking your dog, many dog owners prefer to use a harness. A dog harness helps hold your dog back without putting stress on their necks, which is why we opted to use a dog harness with Jenny the pug.

Don’t Forget Grooming

As I shared not that long ago, it’s important that you trim your dog’s nails and keep them bathed. Jenny the pug had an ingrown toenail and we had to figure out how to remove it. This was more difficult for me than it was for Jenny the pug, to be honest. Always keep up with nail trimming and grooming!

Exercise Your Dog

It’s important that your dog gets enough exercise. When Jenny the pug was a bit younger she had a little more energy, but we continue to try to get her to exercise with a little walk around the home whenever she’s feeling up for it. Due to her old age, I don’t think she’ll be doing any long walks like in her youth.

Crate Train

When you get your dog as a puppy or even when you adopt a dog, as we did with Jenny the pug all those years ago, it’s important that you work to ensure they know where to go potty. Jenny was crate trained so that there weren’t any accidents in the house, so we continued that process.

You can find a wide range of crates online that cover a wide range of dog sizes and preferences; I found this review listed by SparkysSpots to be a really helpful resource for dog crate reviews. Whether you choose to crate train, keep your dog outside or practice any of the other tips I shared today, it’s so important to remember that dog’s need love and attention too. I wish you and your doggy a long and happy life together!

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