5 Things Not to Say to a Work at Home Professional

5 Things to Never Say to a Work at Home Pro

Most of my online connections are work from home professionals. I know graphic designers, web developers, bloggers, public speakers and the list could go on and on. It’s amazing to think of the diverse group of entrepreneurs I have been connected to over the last eight years. While I may be connected with a lot of work from home professionals there are people who still work for an employer and often will or have said things to me over the years that could have diminished my drive to succeed.

5 Things Not to Say to a Work at Home Professional

5 Things Never to say to a Work at Home Pro

5 Things Not to Say to a Work at Home Professional

“Why don’t you get off the computer and go get a real job!”

A real job? What exactly is a real job anyways? I may be at home all day long but I make more cash in an hour than you probably make in a week. No really though, who defines what a real job is? If I am home making money and supporting the family then why do I need to get what others define as a “real job”?

“I wish I had an easy life like you!”

“I wish I had an easy life like you!”

An easy life?! As if. This job probably takes up more hours in a day than your 40 hour work week, especially when first starting off as a work at home business. There’s nothing easy about being your own boss, from home while raising children and dealing with a marriage or relationship. If you think a work at home business is easy, why don’t you try it!

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“Must be nice to work in your Pajamas”

“Must be nice to work in your Pajamas”

Sure some of us who work from home may stay in our pajamas, especially during non-school days for those who have kids at home but sometimes we work from home in our actual clothes. We get up, shower and try to dress the part to ensure we feel good. Wearing your pajamas to work every day isn’t always a choice and it can bring you down into a state of depression if you do it too often. Oh yeah, and some of us have video conference calls, so yeah, we still have to dress professionally.

“I couldn’t stand not talking to adults all day”

“I couldn’t stand not talking to adults all day”

Ummm well there’s this thing called the internet and social media. Sure we may not talk face to face with other adults in person but we get a lot of socialization. It’s as if this comment is comparable to the home school kid’s comment of how they don’t get to socialize and are like hermits. No, work at home professionals are not hermits.

“Why don’t you just work, I mean you can’t make that much money from home!”

“Why don’t you just work, I mean you can’t make that much money from home!”

Oh no they didn’t. This is much like the go get a real job comment. Who are you to judge what we make from home and who are you to worry about what we make from home?! If you see a work from home professional who has been doing this or is just starting out the last thing they want to hear is that you are trying to say they aren’t making bank. Seriously, go away!

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The list of things you shouldn’t say to a work from home professional can go on and on. The things I have heard over the last 8 plus years are insane. Sure the first few years of being home I didn’t make a ton of money and times were hard but I kept focused, I stayed motivated and even after going back to an office job for one year in between that time, I learned quickly that there’s more money to make online than anywhere else and you get to have your own schedule, perfect for parents of all kinds!

What are some things people have said to you about working from home that makes you shake your head?


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20 thoughts on “5 Things to Never Say to a Work at Home Pro

  1. Yes! I can definitely relate to hearing some outlandish statements regarding working from home and what I do for a living.

  2. As someone who works from home, I can truly appreciate this. Although, I wouldn’t say I’m a pro just yet 😉

  3. I totally love this post. I also work from home and I love this cause I work at my ease. I can work putting facepack, wearing pajamas and lying on my couch. No boundations. I love my job.

  4. I work full time in a professional office and part time from home on my blogging adventure and I am so sick of people saying I have it easy at my part time blogging gig! It is sooo not easy. Hats off to those who do it full time!

  5. My husband works from home and one of his favorite perks is that he doesn’t have to socialize all day. He hated that when he worked in an office. I can’t believe people actually say stuff like this though.

  6. Amen sister! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this myself so it’s great to hear from another person in my shoes! If only people knew the real days we have!

  7. I never thought people were not working when they worked at home. Although the sheer amount of hours, and the stress can be crazy. Plus, to get where you are making money at home usually requires having a second job at the outset. And so you are working full two time jobs for a while in the hopes of making just one pay. It’s crazy. It’s worth it. But it’s crazy that people think that we are slackers.

  8. ha! I make triple from home than what I did at my last position I held. I will continue to work for myself. 😛

  9. What an amazing post. As a business owner who works from home, these comments are a broken record.

  10. These are all awesome things you never say to a work from home professional. I don’t know how many times people have told me to get off the computer and get a real job. Thanks for sharing the list.

  11. Working at home is the best profession especially to all moms because you can take care at your kids while your working at home.

  12. I work from home and I guess I get lucky that nobody says these things to me. The worst for me is that people think I can always do things with them during the day or do favors – let the dog out – take out their trash – or whatever else.. I am trying to work people!!

  13. Working at home is great, but it seems like lots of people don’t get it. It’s a real job too!

  14. I also work from home and I know there are a lot of misconceptions people have. Thanks for sharing this.

  15. “Oh you must be saving so much money since you don’t have to drive to work.” No, not really. What a terrible assumption. My utility costs increased while I was working at home. My cell and internet costs increased while working at home. Yes, it kinda balances out as the increases were basically the cost of filling up my gas tank.

  16. I know many people who work at home who grow tired of hearing these things. It is important for everyone to do what they love & stop assuming everyone has it better.

  17. YES!!! I work from home so I completely understand and agree with everything you wrote. No one understands the discipline it takes. I can’t wait to share this with my friends.

  18. I totally love this post. I would love to work from home all the time, forget about the commute into the city etc and would love to have conversations with those who are jealous of me IF I ever had to work from home all the time. 😀

  19. I hate it when I say I have to get ready for work. Then they’re like, ” Haha, get ready for work? You don’t have to go anywhere!” It’s so annoying because yes I may not be leaving the house but I am literally stuck at my desk for hours, so I have to still do things around the house like “regular” people before I start working. Also people like to call me and hold conversations like just because I am at home I am not busy. Ugh!

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