6 Secrets To Landing High Paying Job On LinkedIn

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Whether you’re a freelancer or remote worker looking for a full-time job online, you probably already know that LinkedIn is an excellent platform to leverage. But it’s also true that you may have been on this platform for months now with nothing to show for it. Maybe a little gig once in a while.

You may wonder what you are doing wrong that it seems everyone is landing jobs online except you.

As with everything else, there are techniques you must follow to achieve the desired outcome. Below are secrets to attracting high-paying clients on LinkedIn.

1. Revamp your profile

Your online profile is your greatest marketer. Even when people come across your captivating posts on LinkedIn, they check out your profile before deciding to hire you.

And only when your profile is compelling enough will you be able to land that dream job. If writing resumes aren’t your thing, hiring experts at Resume Writing Lab LinkedIn profile makeover can be a worthy investment. An experienced resume writer would know how to create the best profiles that attract clients while also incorporating the right keyword usage to boost your ranking.

2. Broaden your network

While creating a detailed and compelling profile is the first step to landing clients, growing your network is the next. Start with your former classmates and coworkers, then move on to people you met at networking events. Joining groups and communities of people with similar interests can greatly help your cause. Once you join, send requests to connect.

3. Streamline your target audience

Who are your prospects, and what candidate are they looking for? If prospective clients are searching for employees by location, then it’s wise to have your location and ZIP code on your profile. No client has the time to ask every candidate they come across about their location, so you want to ensure your profile comes up among the results for that target ZIP code.

4. Think like a recruiter

Try viewing your profile from a recruiter’s point of view. If you like what you see at first glance, they may, too. But very importantly, consider the job title you used. Job titles appear in bold under Experience, and since the description is collapsed on mobile devices, your job title should be precisely what recruiters are searching for. Avoid words like “founder” as it doesn’t say what you do at a glance. The recruiter may need to look further under the collapsed description to have an idea, and few of them have that time.

In essence, don’t just use any word you call yourself; use a job title common among recruiters of today.

5. Have multiple recommendations

To increase your chances of landing a high-paying job on LinkedIn, have at least three recommendations. The painful truth is that very few clients are ready to commit a large project into the hands of someone with no recommendations.

Your recommendations should come from someone you’ve worked with/for rather than a mere friend. The latter has more credence since they’re in that same industry.

6. Stay active

Post! Post! Post! Become an active LinkedIn poster, and let your target audience consider you an expert in your niche. You see, you don’t have to create content from scratch as brainstorming can be time-consuming. Take ideas from somewhere, but ensure your content is informational, has a style unique to you, and aligns with your audience’s interests.

Final Words

Note: there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll land a client after 24 hours of leveraging these tips. However, they’ll boost your chances tremendously. Also, remember that consistency is key.


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