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6 Things No One Tells You Before You Get a Pet

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You’re likely reading this because you’re thinking of getting a pet for the first time. You might have your sights set on a canine companion or a feline friend. Perhaps you’d prefer something more exotic, like a parrot?

Whatever pet you want to get, if you’ve never had one before, there are some facts and points you need to keep in mind before you begin your search for a new pet. Here’s what you need to know:

1. You Might Need to Live Somewhere Else

The first point to keep in mind is that if you rent your home, your landlord might not be happy about you having pets in their property. It’s worth checking your rental contract for information on any sections that talk about tenants bringing pets into the property.

If you do find that your landlord doesn’t allow you to have pets, the good news is you’ll easily find houses and apartments that are pet friendly.

2. Pets Have Individual Personalities

When you buy a dog or cat, you might read online about how specific breeds are certain personality traits. That might be true to some degree, but you need to remember that all animals have individual personalities.

For example, if you get two dogs from the same breed, one might be loud and outgoing, yet the other might be timid. Before you buy or adopt a pet, spend some time with the animal to learn more about its temperament and how it acts around kids, strangers, and other animals.

3. They Need a Routine

If you have a job where you do a lot of shift work, and you’re the only person that lives in your home, a pet might not be suitable for you. That’s because pets need a set routine and get confused, frustrated, and anxious if they don’t have one.

A routine involves having set meal times and getting taken out for walks at certain times of the day.

4. Some Pets Can Be Smelly

It’s no secret that many animals are generally good at grooming themselves and keeping clean. However, others might be a little smelly, and you’ll have to dedicate some time to bathe them regularly.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your pet will be happy about getting a bath, but it’s necessary to keep them and your home clean.

5. You’ll Be Forever Cleaning After Them

In many respects, having a pet is akin to having a child. You’ll need to spend a lot of time cleaning up any messes they make! If you get a dog, you may also need to clean up their hair from your floors, couches, beds, and anywhere else they go in your home.

6. Pets Can Get Fussy

One last point to keep in mind is that all pets can get fussy to some degree. For instance, they might complain if you substitute their food with one from a different brand. Or, they might complain if their usual resting spot in your living room isn’t available.


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