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6 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills When Working From Home

Stream Energy’s Top Energy Saving Tips For Your Small Business

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Working from home certainly has its advantages  – no daily commute, flexible working hours, easy access to the kitchen – but it does have its drawbacks too. One of these is the expense! When you’re at home for most of the day, you are going to see a rise in your energy bills, especially if you’re reliant on heating and electricity.  Needless to say, this isn’t good news, especially if you’re looking to make money and not spend it.

Thankfully, it is possible to reduce your energy bills, as we will discuss below. Keep reading to learn more and then check out our other working from home tips for further helpful advice.

#1: Renovate if you can 

This is the most expensive solution but if you’re working from home full time, a few home renovations might be a good idea. Of course, they can also be a good idea, even if you work outside of the house, as you will make long term savings at home.

There are all kinds of renovations you can make. You could install energy-efficient windows, especially in the room you tend to work in. You could insulate your attic and basement and perhaps pay for underfloor heating. And as solar energy is obviously more cost-effective than electricity, you could consider solar panels too. If you’re on the fence about the latter, you can learn more from the following link if you are asking yourself are solar panels worth it.

#2: Use energy-efficient equipment 

If you’re still reliant on older computers and printers, it might be that they aren’t particularly energy-efficient. This is especially true if you’re using a desktop PC, as laptops are more energy-efficient than these bulkier devices. Shop around and purchase something new if you need to. And if you’re worried about the cost, remember that you can list office-based items as expenses if you’re in charge of filing your own taxes.

#3: Switch to a new energy provider

This might be something you do anyway, regardless of whether you work from home or not, as making the switch is always a good idea if you can get a cheaper deal elsewhere. Of course, if you are working from home all day, you have the incentive to compare deals, as you will naturally be using more energy.

#4: Wear something warm

If you’re working in the daytime, do you really need to put the heating on? Possibly not, so wear something warm and cozy instead!

#5: Work in daylight hours

If you can work flexible working hours, try not to work in the evening. You will be less reliant on lights and heating if you work in the daytime, especially if you work in a bright room with the sun coming through, so structure your day accordingly.

#6: Don’t work from home all of the time

If all you need is your laptop, you could work from anywhere with an internet connection, including your local library, coffee shop, and community working spaces. Getting away from your four walls can be a good idea anyway, partly because you will have more contact with people and partly because a change of environment can aid productivity. You will, of course, save energy at home too, so don’t assume you need to base yourself in one place for the duration of your working hours.

So, there you have it. 6 ways to reduce your energy bills if you’re currently working from home. These solutions are fairly simple, we know, but a few reminders can be useful, especially if you’re worried about any impending bills. There may be more you can do, so check online for other helpful ideas, and check with your local government as you may be eligible for grants and tax relief.


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