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My 60 Mile Walking Goal for July

I posted my July 2021 goal out there for the world to see. In July 2021, I will walk 60 miles. Yes, this entire month I will get to the minimum of 60 miles walked.

This may not sound like a lot of walking to some, but for this chick who sits to work and barely gets up and moving except on weekends, it’s a reasonable goal. Of course, I do hope to surpass 60 miles but one thing about goal setting is that you must set realistic goals.

A goal of walking a minimum of 60 miles in July is realistic, attainable nad measurable for me. Now, I wanted to share some of the supplies I am using to get this goal completed in July.

If you’re looking to track your fitness goals, too, then please consider using all or some of the fitness gear I use.

Remember, I am a frugal chick so if I own it – I own it for a reason!

I’m starting a goal setting Facebook Group for anyone looking to work together to set and attain goals this year. I am going to talk about quitting smoking, fitness goals, and anything else the group wishes to work on!

Just click to join Goal Setting with Brandy Ellen and bear with me as I work to establish the group that I literally just clicked “create” to on July 2, 2021.

My Fitness Watch – super affordable and measures so much data for me. I love using it to track sleep but I also hit the button to track my daily walks, bike ride when we vacationed, and much more!

My Yoga Mattechnically this is my middle kiddo’s yoga mat but I stole it because I hate the floors in this house. The yoga mat allows my bare feet to be comfortable when I do my daily workout DVD of Walking Away the Pounds.

Walking Away the Pounds DVD or Prime Video Stream the DVD I have is rather expensive on Amazon, seriously check it out here. So I linked to a comparable option that’s more affordable. The DVD I use was NOT this expensive when I bought it in December 2010.

I paid $10.99 for it, and it’s now nearly $50, so stream Leslie Sansone’s other fitness walks to save some cash!

Fitness Exercise Bands – The one thing I love about the 2-mile walk with this DVD is that they use resistant bands. I bought a package of these to do daily workouts with my youngest son as part of our gym class in homeschool.

They’re being used by me for this goal, as well!

Each of these recommended products above are seriously the things I use while working out to achieve my 60 mile walking goal in July. I hope that you’ll find something handy in this list to help you set and achieve your fitness goals this month and beyond, too!

Click here to follow along on Instagram where I will post my daily mile walk or activity that helps me reach my 60 mile goal!

Don’t forget to join & help me grow my Goal Setting FB group that was just started this month so we can work on setting and attaining goals now and into the future together!


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