7 Gift Ideas for People in New Relationships

7 Gift Ideas for People in New Relationships

Buying a meaningful gift for someone that you care about can be a real challenge. And it’s all the more difficult for people who are in new relationships. Indeed, how do you give someone a present they’ll enjoy if you’re still in the process of getting to know them? Unfortunately, you can’t put off birthdays, Christmas, or other holidays until you’ve learned more about your partner. To help you make the best of this tricky situation, check out these seven awesome gift ideas that are thoughtful, appealing, and cost-effective: 

7 Gift Ideas for People in New Relationships

Coffee-Related Gifts

Coffee lovers are everywhere. And the good news here is that there are plenty of coffee-related gifts that are both inexpensive and charming. Specialty blends, mugs, and creamers are great gift ideas for anyone who enjoys a cup of jo in the mornings. 


Sure, some of the most expensive headphones on the market can exceed $300, but it’s still possible to find a quality set for under $30 at most department and electronics stores. Even if your partner already has a nice pair of headphones, everyone could use a backup pair for use at the gym or the office. 

Creams & Lotions

Millions of people use hand creams and body lotions every day. This is a utilitarian gift that is also sweet. Plus, thanks to companies like BEE International that use high-pressure homogenizers to manufacture these products, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll be mixed properly and maintain their potency for months. 


Nothing quite says romance like an inviting scented candle. Candles with pleasing aromas are a sure-fire hit with anyone who entertains regularly.  


This is the only item of clothing you’ll find on this list because, happily, slippers are truly one-size-fits-all items. Also, slippers are warm and fuzzy and everyone loves them. You can’t go wrong with this one. 

Water Bottle

Does your partner enjoy exercising? Do they live an active lifestyle? Do they ever go hiking, camping, or fishing? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” then they’ll be sure to appreciate a high-quality water bottle that they can take on the go. 


When in doubt, go with wine. Wine tastes great, pairs well with dinner combinations can be used in recipes, and keeps fresh for a long time. Of course, sharing a bottle of wine with a new partner is a tremendous way to spend the evening together!


If you’re really struggling to get a new romantic partner a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday, consider purchasing a few small gifts to compensate. Remember, the thought really is what matters most of all –– so don’t sweat this decision too much. 


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